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ShemalesTube Your #1 Tranny Porn Tube

Free tube style site based on all shemale videos. The menu at the top is very familar if you surf a lot of tube sites. Home, Videos, Pictures, Tags, Pornstars, Playlists, Community, Premium Videos, Nutaku (not a familiar one). So lets check that one out first. Ok Nutaku is a porn video game, so its not actually part of this site. Videos is obvious it takes us to all of the videos on the site. Pictures is a small category with 37 pages of galleries. That is actually quite a lot for a video tube site so I was impressed! Tags is basically the same as what sites normally call Categories.

It has a big list going down the left side of the site in alphabetical order and another big list on the right with thumbnail representations of the “tag” or category. Pornstars has quite an extensive directory of the performers listed on the site. They are broken down in a very nice variety of ways. You can search by name and even by eye color, hair color and ethnicity, breast size and of course dick size! It is a shemale site after all, the best of both worlds.

The Playlist link is a good one because it brings up playlists of videos that members have made. You can choose one and just play the entire list. For example what caught my eye right away is something that I like to watch myself and that is shemale and girl. Its a nice playlist of 105 videos of hot girls getting it on with shemales. When you click on a video it plays right away, no ad playing making you wait to skip to the movie. Thats a very good thing. You can move forward in the video to get to the good stuff without any lag or buffering. Once the videos play they are very high quality and crystal clear.

When you click the Community link you are presented with a list of the members of the site. You can register and become a member for free, thereby granting you access to extra features such as uploading videos, posting comments, making friends, making your own playlists and marking your favorite videos. The link that says Premium Videos actually takes you to another site that you must join to watch the videos, so its not a part of this free site. Using the search button to make sure it works properly I put in the word public. It quickly returned a really nice amount of shemale public videos. Exactly what I asked for, so that works quite well.

Great things about ShemalesTube

With thousands of very high quality shemale videos to choose from and being able to just watch a video very quickly without any ads playing over top of them I was impressed. The site is very pleasing to the eyes with a black background. It loads very quickly and the menu is layed it in such a way that its very easy to find what you are looking for with the menu being very clear to see across the top of the site. When playing the videos they load fast and the quality is great. No lag when moving ahead. Free membership to the site gives lots of bonuses so its a no brainer to sign up so that you can save your favorite videos, make playlists, upload videos and interact with other members. Who knows maybe you could get lucky. It was a very nice bonus to click on the picture section and actually find there a ton of really good quality photo galleries. A rarity on porn tube sites.

Bad things about ShemalesTube

Its a very rare occurance to say that there is nothing bad about a site but yeah there is literally nothing wrong with this site at all. Perhaps the only bad thing and yeah its not really that bad because it is rare for anyone to allow this, is the fact that you cannot download the videos. So happy jerking to this site because its fucking good!

The Down Low about ShemalesTube

A lot of guys and girls have fantasies about being with a shemale. I mean say for example you are a girl that is bi-curious and likes tits. If you are with a shemale you get a beautiful looking person with tits and a hairless body but you still have a big hard dick to make your pussy feel good. How could you not like that? And if you are a bi-curious dude but want to look down at a beautiful “girls” face when she is sucking your dick you can still have that too with a dick to suck of your own and very tight asshole to fuck and unload your cum inside. If all of that sounds good to you then you are in the right place! This site is very high quality and loads fast. Recommended for your shemale fantasies.

My thoughts regarding ShemalesTube

Super high quality video tube site with the added bonus of a big photo section with tons of pages of high resolution photos of shemale action. This is quite rare when you visit tube sites. They are mostly based on videos but sometimes its nice to have some hot pictures to browse through and maybe even save some. With all of the pluses of this site such as free registration, no annoying popups and no waiting for an ad to play when clicking on a video I am very pleased. When I feel like getting my freak on and checking out some hot shemale action this will surely be the place that I go to fulfill those much needed cravings. So head on over to ShemalesTube, put out your cock or your favorite toy and get busy masturbating to some really good free porn!

Review Pros

  • Free tranny porn site
  • No Ads on Videos
  • Great Directory

Review Cons

  • Can't Download Videos