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Everyone ought to know by now that when it comes to reviewing hentai video games, Mr. Porn Geek loves nothing more than checking out the stellar productions from the team over at Nutaku. In the realm of lewd, anime-themed titles, these guys are pretty much the go-to in the genre. Today, I’m going to be taking a look at one of their games released around a year ago that goes by the name of Sacred Sword Princesses. Nutaku describe it as an action adventure RPG where you’ve got to try and control the Mistress of the Night. The preview content looks cracking and if other Nutaku games are anything to go by, this is going to be one of the more enjoyable releases. Continue reading below as I head into Sacred Sword Princesses for the full review!

Mr. Porn Geek’s first impressions

Alongside being playable on PC, Nutaku have actually ported this game to android devices if you’re a guy on the go. I received a warning trying to load up Sacred Sword Princesses in Opera because it uses a plugin not fully supported by my browser – turns out it was fine, but they do recommend playing through Firefox if you’re having issues.
The game currently has two servers, Trisha and Isabelle. From the looks of things, Isabelle was the original server and then they added Trisha because demand was so high. One thing I was a little disappointed by was the fact that you cannot make Sacred Sword Princesses full screen: it doesn’t look too bad if you zoom in on the web page, but ideally I’d like to see it have the option so I can fill up my 27-inch monitor with anime goodness.
You’ll be introduced to Luna early on in the game, she’ll be guiding you for quite some time throughout your Sacred Sword Princesses journey. I’m a big fan of petite girls, so the fact that Luna here is small as fuck had me wanting to nut from the get go. She’s got big green eyes and a great costume too – can’t go wrong with a short skirt. I bet the naughty hentai slut isn’t even wearing panties either! A man can dream, right?

The gameplay aspect

The first real interactive gameplay aspect of Sacred Sword Princesses involves a ‘Mysterious Maiden’ who helps you hide in a cave away from some beasts. Luna soon joins and well, the hentai kicks off pretty damn quick. You’ll see that blonde-haired beauty spread her legs and her tight, peachy pussy beg for some attention. I do recommend turning up the sound – they’ve got Japanese voice actresses who do a thorough job of making sexual sounds. Nutaku don’t mess around when it comes to quality content and this game is one clear example of the steps they’ll go to in order to put a good show on for the players of their games!

Eventually you’ll go through the combat tutorial – move your character around by clicking on the ground and use the abilities in the bottom right-hand corner. The barrel attack seems particularly strong and I was destroying everything in my path with minimal effort. Honestly, Sacred Sword Princesses plays pretty well for a browser game of all things – who knew that Nutaku could make 3D MMORPG-style titles that had hentai inside them and were totally free to play, too? It’s a whole new world out there!

The spoils of war

After winning your first battle, Sacred Sword Princesses awards you with 20 diamonds that you can then use to shop with. Before that though, be sure to venture over to the Gacha where you’ll get your starter girl to play with – I picked up Sasha and she seemed pretty strong if I’m honest with you. Continue through the story mode with Luna and she’ll show you more things about the game, such as the mission screen and available loot. To be honest, I’m surprised that Sacred Sword Princesses is as advanced as it is: there are so many features here to unpack that it’s hard for me to mention everything. All I will say is that for a browser-based hentai video game, this is cracking stuff. Nutaku never let me down – I can’t get enough of their games!

The freemium model explained

So like many free to play games out there, you’ve got the option to spend cash if you want to get a bit of an advantage. I’ll let you know that by now, I’ve played Sacred Sword Princesses for around 3 hours and haven’t felt the need to purchase anything, but if I wanted to, these are the various things I could pick up for a few bucks.Melee Vessels: these are typically time-limited character deals that give you a specific position character. For instance, the pack at the time of writing this review offered a 3-star Charlotte and a 3-star Awakened, as well as a cute snow fairy doll! You can also purchase premium gacha, such as Seleia, Khalis and Grace. These girls are stronger than most you’ll get for free.

Diamonds: make your life easier with the purchase of diamonds: you can use these for pretty much anything you want. The more you buy, the better the bonus will be. There are also various event packs that are themed to times of the year – I recommend utilizing these for the best returns on your investment. I think that Sacred Sword Princesses actually gives you a hell of a lot in return for a minimal cost. Like I said though: it’s not even a requirement to pay money in order to have fun in this game. I got by just fine with being a free to play noob.

The hentai side of things

So naturally, you’re not just playing Sacred Sword Princesses for the gameplay, are you? There has to be hentai here and honestly, this is one of the more sexual games that Nutaku has put out. If you’re just looking for the goodies, you’ll want to click on ‘Harem’ – this is where all of the storyline hentai is stored. It’s good stuff honestly and you unlock more and more as the story progresses. Upgrading characters seems to be the best way to get their lewd nudes and porn clips: gives you a great sense of pride and accomplishment!

The downsides of SSP

Far be it from me to shill for this game exclusively: I do want to mention some of the negatives here, as I think balanced reviews come across as being the most honest. How’s this for a complaint: no volume control! I had to mute the tab because I’ve got no idea where I’m supposed to press in order to lower the sound effects and music. I don’t ask for much when it comes to video games, but I think volume control is a pretty universally basic thing that all games ought to have.

I also mentioned earlier about the full-screen problem: native support for this goes a long way toward me wanting to use your products more and more. I get that it was published around a year ago and more recent games can go full-screen, but surely it’s not that hard to enable the feature for people who really want it? Nutaku likely have their reasons, but yeah.

Finally, the interface is a little bit clogged: it doesn’t feel neat or tidy in the slightest and I’d like to see the icons made a little smaller or the screen scaled via some other method. The gameplay here is great, but there are little things that could do with improvement if I was going to make this my #1 suggestion for a porn game.

My final thoughts

Since Sacred Sword Princesses is a little more adult-focused and porn-heavy than other Nutaku games, it makes sense for me to recommend it above them if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for. Don’t get me wrong: there’s plenty of engaging gameplay aspects here and you can even team up with others to battle bigger foes – I just think that someone who wants to squeeze more often than not will get what they’re after with SSP.

All things considered, Mr. Porn Geek thinks that this is a top-quality game and just goes to show that in the world of pornographic video games, few do it better than these guys. The regular development, high quality hentai and interactive gameplay have me more than satisfied to chuck this game a recommendation. Take a look and see for yourself – you won’t be disappointed. Sacred Sword Princesses delivered on its preview content and plays just as well as other top-tier Nutaku hentai games.

Review Pros

  • Actively developed
  • Lots of content
  • Free to play

Review Cons

  • No full-screen
  • No mute button