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One thing you can always trust your boy Mr. Porn Geek to do when browsing the Internet is uncover more great adult games for everyone to play. Over the last few weeks I’ve written a huge number of reviews on titles released by the folks over at Nutaku: they’ve really got their head switched on when it comes to publishing great games and today, I’m going to be looking at another one of their projects. Going by the name Planes of Eros, this hentai-filled adventure RPG has casino elements, lots of animated sex clips and more. The preview material looks smashing, but we all know that in order to get a good taste of an adult video game, playing it is the thing to do. Continue reading below – Mr. Porn Geek is about to jump into Planes of Eros for a full gameplay breakdown!

First impressions

I was pleased to see that Planes of Eros has a full-screen option, so if you’re looking to jump into a video game with your monitor filled to the brim with visual goodness, this is the go-to choice for you! It seems that the game itself is actually quite big, because I had to wait about a minute or so for all of the elements to download: I don’t mind this, just so long as what I’m getting is top-tier video game goodness. It’s also cool to see that they’ve recently pushed a Christmas expansion – the 25th of December was only a few weeks ago, so active development seems like it’s a priority here. Nutaku has always been good with that type of thing to be honest: you can’t fault them in the slightest.

I should briefly mention that for me, I had issues playing Planes of Eros via Chrome: it loaded just fine in Firefox and Opera, but yeah – Google’s browser doesn’t seem to want to play ball for whatever reason. I’ve had this issue with a lot of the porn games that Nutaku provides: not sure what it is, but I’d really like to know if it’s just me or everyone that seems to have their browser messing up whenever they want to play some XXX titles.

The Planes of Eros gameplay

So naturally, since this is a game, I want to talk a little bit about what gameplay elements you’re going to enjoy. I’ve never actually seen a game like this before – it’s a combination of a turn-based combat system and a slot machine. You basically spin the wheel and do damage based upon the results of what you get. You’ve also got a master crest with various special abilities, such as healing and lowering the enemy’s defensive stats. It’s not the most simple game, but I can definitely see people succeeding here if they’re only utilizing one hand!

Alongside the master crest system, Planes of Eros allows you to use Eidolons – these are basically super strong characters that do lots of damage and sometimes provided benefits to your team. The first one you’ll get to use it Sexcalibur, but as the game goes on you’ll be able to unlock more. In the first fight, this Eidolon seemed really strong – he basically 100 to 0’d the first busty, pink-haired enemy I had to go up against.

Once you win your first battle, an animated scene of you fucking Belial plays out – she’s wrapped up in rope and you can pretty much do whatever you want to her after fucking that tight pussy hard enough. While attempting to resist at first, she can’t really do much against your mighty shaft and cums at the same time you do. Interactive and graphic: just the type of gameplay that I like to see coming from the Nutaku team!
Other elements

There are plenty of things to do in Planes of Eros, so I figure it might be a good idea to go through the various mechanics and features that are on offer here. Honestly, it’s pretty fleshed out and they’ve done a good job of publishing a fully-fledged game that everyone’s sure to get a lot from.

First up, you’ve got the daily spin wheel – this gives you the chance to win crystals or gold coins, both of which make your life a lot easier when engaging in battles across the land. If you want additional spins you can buy them and honestly, it’s not that expensive when you look at how cheap tokens are. Like many online RPGs, Planes of Eros also provides you with rewards for logging in and playing: the more days you come back, the better the rewards!

Fairly early on, you’ll have the chance to grab 10 summons for free – these typically cost 500 crystals, but Planes of Eros wants to get you ahead as much as possible early on in the game. These are basically character loot boxes and you want to try and get as many higher quality ones as possible – purple seems to be the color to gun for, since those chicks have 4 stars and probably do some pretty major damage in combat. When it comes to setting up your party, I highly recommend selecting the girls with the highest rating above the others. Planes of Eros also has an ‘auto’ feature where the game will pick for you: this isn’t terrible if you’re struggling to understand all of the stats and stuff.

The porn factor

Every so often, you’ll find some X-rated clip playing out in front of your eyes: Planes of Eros does a good job of showing you anime smut as you battle through hordes of enemies and build up your army. The game has a reasonably enjoyable storyline, but it’s not too serious – my dick turned into a legendary weapon fairly early on, for instance. Interestingly enough, Planes of Eros also has voice acting. It’s in Japanese, but the quality is pretty good and the inflections make it pretty hot to listen to. I’m not sure how accurate the translations are since I don’t speak Japanese, but knowing the quality Nutaku push in all of the titles, I’d wager it’s pretty damn good.

The freemium model

I think it’s always important to let people know what they can expect from a game when it comes to spending money. Like all Nutaku titles, Planes of Eros is 100% free to play: you can spend cash on getting ahead if you want, though. The biggest things for sale here are coin packs, crystals (with a daily drip option) and various packs. The packs are quite interesting: you get a big bundle of goodies for a very low price. I do recommend looking through the store for the different summon pages too – since you start off with a huge chunk of coins you can actually grab a good number of servants to kick butt on your behalf.

Gallery page

If, at any point in time, you just want to look at some anime chicks to jerk off to, navigate on over to the gallery page: this is where you get to see all of the unlocked story clips and servant scenes. Also, if you’ve taken part in any special events, Planes of Eros will give you exclusive scenes there too – it’s quite the feature if you ask me. I imagine that plenty of folks come here when they’ve spent 30 or so minutes hacking away to get themselves a slice of anime porn goodness.

Mr. Porn Geek’s downsides

As you probably know, I do like to sprinkle my reviews with a little of the ‘negative’ so people don’t just think I’m being a shill. First off, Planes of Eros is a little too forceful with its tutorial – I don’t like how it darkens heavily around the Interface when I’m selecting options and stuff. Feels very rigid and not at all enjoyable – thankfully it doesn’t last all that long, so it’s not a big deal one way or the other.
Game settings are a little on the slim side – no interface scaling, resolution selection or text speed options: I can’t expect too much from a browser game, but yeah. Oh, they also use an American flag for the ‘English’ language selection. Last time I checked, England had a flag and it was pretty representative of the English language!
Final thoughts

When push comes to shove, I think that Planes of Eros is a pretty enjoyable game. I went through a few dozen fights over the course of around 2 hours while writing this review and yeah, I think it’s better than most of the games out there I’ve played. Nutaku have a track record of delivering high quality products though, so this was to be expected. My advice to anyone looking for an anime-themed porn game is to head on over to the game page, try it out for free and if you like it, certainly consider other Nutaku titles.

The gaming experience here is fun and the hentai is pretty dope too. This is a perfect combination for this category and for that reason, Planes of Eros gets my full support and endorsement.

Review Pros

  • Regularly updated
  • Free to play
  • Full screen available

Review Cons

  • Some time games
  • Laggy in Chrome