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Nutaku’s Naughty Kingdom reviewed

I’ve spoken in the past about Nutaku and its ability to produce some pretty amazing games – what a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that while this studio has a number of games that are really quite complicated, they’ve also got something that appeals to the more casual gamer too. I’m going to be taking a look at Naughty Kingdom today: I’d recommend this title if you’re more about the porn over everything else. XXX anime games aren’t hard to find, but they can often be difficult to find good ones of. Thankfully, I’ve got your covered and in this review, we’ll get down and dirty with what’s on offer here at Naughty Kingdom. Keep reading for my complete porn video game review!

First impressions of Naughty Kingdom

Unlike a number of other games operated by Nutaku, Naughty Kingdom is actually based on Flash. I think it must be one of their original products, since this is a somewhat outdated way to program things in the modern era. The game begins with some pretty atmospheric music and a quick introduction to the storyline. You find yourself in a small town and happen to smell unfucked pussy (I’m not joking – that’s the plot here!) that you need to take care of. You then progress through a few dialog options with a bow-wielding cutie that you don’t want to get on the wrong side of and quickly learn that she’s Lycia, one of the Queen’s ‘Virgin Guards’. Sounds like a challenge if you ask me!

Your first hands-on interaction

Now Naughty Kingdom wouldn’t be much of a porn game if it didn’t have any gaming aspects to it, right? The good news is that you have to get involved with the title pretty much immediately, which all kicks off with moving a tile around a board. The game is pretty simple to understand but quite fun: you have to build up attacks by moving the pieces around that you then attack enemies with. Note that you only have a few moves per turn, so you have to think somewhat tactically if you want to come out victorious.

I didn’t struggle much with beating the hell out of the enemies put in front of me: I was even rewarded with a chocolate cream cake for my efforts! Well, a slice of it at least … I did kill four really bad people, you know that, right? A slice of cake for that? Okay, well it better be damn useful for me down the road or I’m going to be a little bit pissed.

Fun tile mechanics

The tile mechanics actually get quite cool: you have to build up the blue ones to progress, but also the reds to do damage against your enemies. You’ll soon uncover green ones too, which provide you with healing if you’ve taken damage. It’s not overly complicated to understand, but with enough practice you’ll act as both DPS and support – healing yourself while destroying anyone who stands in your way.

In stage 1.3, you’ll be presented with an innocent girl who’s in danger and all tied up – I personally think this is the best way to have women, but the game wants us to save her. This is when you combine the yellow keys in order to save her, as well as golden ones to provide her with a gift. Like similar dating games, this turns into a Harem system where the better the gift, the more likely you are to get something erotic out of the experience. Sexual rewards for being smart – sounds like a nerd’s wet dream, right? Mr. Porn Geek had a lot of fun optimizing his strategy in order to get the best prizes possible. I’m competitive and nothing gets me more primed for kicking ass quite like anime porn games.

The porn aspect

Since Naughty Kingdom is supposed to be a porn game, I think it’s probably wise to talk about that aspect of what’s going on here. When you visit your Harem, you’ll be able to give gifts to girls which raise their levels. This unlocks various scenes and stages of dress – the more gifts they get, the more likely they are to get naked and fuck you. Note that you’ve also got some other dating simulator action going on here, such as girls having personalities. A few don’t mind you talking rough and wild, whereas others want to be treated sweet and innocent. Play your cards right and learn the best way to talk and respond to what they have to say – this will give you success in the long run, believe me!

If you prefer your girls to be in a certain type of outfit, you can also play around with their clothes. I think that Lycia looks a little better when she’s dressed up, so while she was more than willing to take off her dress, I felt like keeping it on. Besides, she’s not going to be very good at protecting the queen if she’s completely nude now, is she? You’ve got to think pretty practically about these things when you’ve got the opportunity to do so.

Mr. Porn Geek’s take

I’ve played about a dozen games from Nutaku over the last few months and honestly, I think that Naughty Kingdom is probably the simpler of the bunch. It’s not all that mentally taxing and the interface is quite neat and tidy: you’ll be able to pick this up incredibly easily and it doesn’t need too much effort to pass all the levels. What I do like is the fact that the better you are, the easier it will be to unlock all of the scenes. See, the stages where you free the helpless chicks give you better rewards if you have more yellow tiles, so a good combo will get you far ahead of anyone that’s not paying attention. Trust me when I say that if you’ve got a little time to think about your moves, the hentai from this game will flow your way in no time at all.

The tile mechanics are fun and don’t get too complicated – they all make intuitive sense but never got too cluttered or advanced to confuse you. I think some games suffer from an intense amount of knowledge being required to actually progress, but that’s not the case here at Naughty Kingdom. I have to take my hats off to Nutaku: they’ve done it yet again when it comes to programming a fun and engaging pornographic video game that people will absolutely love playing. Mr. Porn Geek is honest when he needs to be and really, I think they deserve all the praise they get for these types of XXX video games.

The freemium model

So you probably know by now that all of Nutaku’s games are free to play, but you can charge your account to get some coins that make your life a little easier. I’ll state in advance that I never actually needed to buy anything to progress and I spent roughly 3 or so hours playing Naughty Kingdom: it’s good enough without credits, but I should mention just a few things you can part your wallet for if you want to get ahead of the game.

The first thing to mention is the starter package, which gives you 50 Diamonds and 500 gold for just 100 Nutaku Coins – this is a dollar or so, so yeah: nothing huge when it comes to paying for benefits here. You can also buy diamonds individually if you so desire, as well as individual Harem girls that have very special interactions and scenes you won’t get access to by playing the game for free. Finally, you’ve got a monthly card thing: this gives you 5 diamonds daily and Harem gold collection for free, all for the price of just 500 tokens. They’re not bad deals but like I said, no need to pay money here if you don’t want to.

Other considerations

I don’t like to be negative on good games, but in the Interest of balance, it’s probably worth me talking a little about what I didn’t enjoy when I played Naughty Kingdom. Firstly, the dialog boxes are a little small and there’s too little interaction when you talk to the Virgin Queen’s Guard: you get one or two choices every so often, but I think a few more would be good for the interactive element. I’m just going to be honest here: the lore element of Naughty Kingdom isn’t keeping me here, so let me get engaged with the story if you want me to stick around!

Aside from that, I don’t have many complaints at all. I think that a sound slider would be good instead of just on/off (and that should be very easy to program, because I’ve seen it in other games on the website) and a port over to non-Flash whenever that’s available. Oh, and one last thing: you cannot go full screen with Naughty Kingdom. You can make your browser full screen, but the game itself will still be a little smaller. Take a look at the screenshots to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Not huge, but yeah – just something I thought I’d mention, since there are Nutaku games that you can go full screen with.

Final thoughts

When push comes to shove, Naughty Kingdom promises one type of gameplay experience and delivers exactly that. I think it’s fair to say that these guys know what’s what when it comes to a casual, puzzle-based porn game and for that reason alone, I’m giving this my personal endorsement. The thing is, Nutaku has dozens of porn games on its network that you can also check out, so even if this isn’t the one you end up going for, plenty of other options on the network mean that it’s not that much of a big deal.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re keen for some hentai gameplay action, be sure to visit Naughty Kingdom today: this puzzle and battle simulator will have you happy in no time at all!

Review Pros

  • Free to play
  • Great artwork
  • Simple mechanics

Review Cons

  • Lots of dialog
  • No full screen