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MrPornGeek Reviews Naruto Sex Games

Japanese manga has been popular for decades, and Naruto has been around for over two decades. This is the Japanese animation story of a young ninja looking to gain status as the leader of his village and recognition from his peers. It all started out with a one-shot manga and has expanded from there. One of the most well-known adaptations of the series in English was aired on the Cartoon Network between the years 2005 in 2009. The adaptation was also broadcast in later years on other popular stations. The series increased in popularity and became the fourth best-selling manga series ever. It sold over 235 million copies worldwide, in many languages. Japanese mythology is used in the comic, and its coming-of-age theme has resonated with its fan base.

More History On Naruto Sex Games

The manga series made good use of the Chinese zodiac tradition. The original artists’ home was an inspiration for the world, and no specific year or era is specified in the series. Naruto worked to earn the respect of his teacher, worked to become a ninja, and went on numerous missions. The series was put together in two parts and touches on some pretty intense themes. The writer, Kishimoto, has expressed a lot of opinions over the years about his work, including plot points he thought about adding. One of these thoughts included having a love triangle in part two for some main characters. He thought about having them in a love triangle but decided against that due to the main plots being about fighting. Fortunately, many creative fans have made fan art about this potential love triangle, as well as other fanart of the highly attractive characters in the series.

Games Featuring Naruto Hentai Games

If you had to refrain from getting off from some of the incredible scenes in the porn games featuring Naruto, you’d have a time of it. Gorgeous characters like Sakura can be found sucking cock and taking it in the ass. There are many raunchy sex scenes in these porn games to bring you over the top, including threesome sex scenes and more. Double penetration is also featured in some of the games, and the women maintain their usual traditional personality while also being horny nymphos and sluts.

The action that takes place in these games is in many locations. Sometimes the animated porn scenes here are in the bedroom, but other sex scenes are in other locations. One of the favorite scenes from my explorations was one featuring Henata. It took place in a cave, and her massive tits bounce up and down as she was picked up and pounded. This is one flexible cartoon babe, and can also be seen having sex while doing the splits.

More Fan Favorite Porn Clips

Fan-favorite Ino is also all over the place in these games. Her blonde hair and blue eyes are a real treat to watch as her body spasms from cumming hard. Also, most often depicted with huge tits, the outfits she wears are perfect accents for her beautiful body. Watch as your decisions in these games lead to amazing cum shots, fantastic moans, and hardcore sex scenes.

Shizune has shoulder-length dark hair and dark eyes, and some of the more perky tits of the group. She enjoys sex as well, with many scenes that are public sex scenes or outdoor porn scenes. She is often seen with cum dripping from her mouth after sucking dick in these specialized porn games. Other hot characters in the game include Tsunade and Temari. Temari has some unique hair that gives her a little bit more of a punk rock look to her. She can often be seen wearing fishnets too. Gorgeous!

Special Features Of Naruto Porn Games

Porn game website Naruto Porn Games features an array of different porn movies. Some of them are more two-dimensional, and others are in 3D. There are not many options in terms of VR porn movies on the site, but there are games that feature adaptability with haptic sex toys. You can be an observer of the action as a character not involved in the sex directly, or you can join in. The site does include an array of bonus porn games that are not related to the Naruto series.

With animated porn movies, the options porn game developers can have are endless. Naruto Porn Games gives many opportunities within the Naruto, including straight sex porn scenes, lesbian sex porn scenes, futa porn scenes, and public sex scenes. The Japanese animation stylings in the games are also fantastic, so fans of hentai porn movies and hentai games will also be quite happy with a visit. BDSM porn games featuring the characters are also included. Not only that, but the bonus games also have a lot of variety to them.

Naruto Porn Games Negatives

I find that games related to specific TV shows, video games, and movies tend to be of high quality. The people want to do the mainstream inspirations justice, and the animations from these video games, movies, and TV shows, point the artists in the right direction. Age verification is needed to enter the site, which for some people, might be the biggest negative. It’s not really much of a negative at all, however, since many countries in the world are starting to require age verification as part of the process. Searching through the games to find the ones you want to play is also easy to do, and there is a search engine available. There are also porn game categories and tags that help you when you are browsing.

MrPornGeek Tells It Like It Is

If there’s one thing I pride in myself, it’s finding the best porn websites, best porn game websites, and providing the best game website reviews. Naruto Hentai Games has a more extensive than expected array of games inspired by the show. The bonus games are a nice touch, but with the quality of the Naruto Hentai games I saw, it is not likely that people will be heading over to the bonus games area. The Naruto porn games are more than enough to get people off again and again. You have to respect the animations on this website, many of the games are very obviously put together by talented game designers.

Review Pros

  • Naruto sex games
  • Big game variety
  • Fanfic characters

Review Cons

  • No VR Naruto games