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I’ve probably made it quite clear from my reviews of the best adult games that I know a thing or two about X-rated titles in the genre of gaming, which is why so many people trust me for recommendations on places to go for great porn gaming. In this review, I’m going to be going over yet another great hub for gaming goodness, known simply as MySexGames. A few folks who read Mr. Porn Geek regularly have told me that they much prefer my reviews to cover free websites – I’m not opposed to giving you guys a stellar bang for your buck, so I’m pleased to say that doesn’t cost anything at all to use! Let’s take a closer look at what’s available here – continue reading down below as I go on a porn game adventure.

The numbers speak for themselves

I’m a big believer that gaming fans want content, and what better way to have exactly that than by using a website which provides its users with over 1,000 titles to pick from? That’s right – MySexGames is made up of over a thousand unique games, with new ones being added every week! The homepage displays the newest publications and I’m happy to see that they get rave reviews from users. Still, I want to determine whether or not what’s on offer here is good for myself, so let’s try some of these porn games and see what we get.

A look at the cream of the crop

In order to pick out some of the hottest games available here, I went ahead and navigated over to the top rated section of My Sex Games. I saw a decent array of titles and to be honest, it’s refreshing to have such a good selection of titles that don’t all look the same. Whether you’re looking for The Sex Pit, Slave Lord or Strip Poker Night, has them all and in ample quantity too. I’m a big fan of dating sims and naturally, that meant that I was drawn to a game called Re: Maid above all others. One nice feature is that all of the available games have a small description which is available after you hover your mouse over the thumbnail: it’s things like that which really take a good site to greatness!

Playing Re: Maid

I’ll let you know well ahead of time that My Sex Games does require you to enable Flash for almost all of its games – I’ve done a site-wide scan using a few tools and they all say the same thing: this place is clean and has no viruses or malware. When you do load up Re: Maid, you’ll see that there are a few options on the right-hand side, one of which is a video of someone else playing if you’re just looking to jerk off! You can also change the screen size, leave a rating and send the game to your friends (I’m not sure if I’d be telling my Facebook friends about a great Japanese dating simulator, but what you do with your social media profile is entirely up to you!).
Anyhow, once the game starts up you’ll run through a bunch of story-driven text lines to set the tone for the adventure and then make a few choices about how you want the plot to develop. I played Re: Maid for about 30 minutes and was happy with the experience: it’s not fully feature-driven, but for a website with other 1,000 games that are entirely free to play? You really can’t go wrong. It has that classic dating simulator experience with lots of big anime titties, shy chicks who turn wild when it’s time to bang and all the other bells and whistles you’d associate with this type of genre. All in all, off to a good start!

Some other games worth looking at

I tried out Virtual Paparazzi and it was pretty funny: you have to basically play a game similar to many others where you split parts of the playing area into half to uncover more and more of the image in question. It starts off in Australia and then you’ll visit the Philippines – I do enjoy myself a good little brown fucking machine! For those interested, the model from the preview images is called Davon Kim and she’s from the Philippines: you’ll find some great lesbian videos of her on PornHub!

Other games worth gendering over include Frank’s Adventure and The Didlers. They’re from different studios and if you like cartoon-style porn games, these are some go-to options. In total, I played around a dozen available titles on My Sex Games – that’s just 1% of available options and I had a great time with just the small selection I sampled. Is it fair to say that My Sex Games is a good source for XXX games that are free and easy to enjoy? You can bet your bottom dollar that’s how Mr. Porn Geek feels!

The downsides and my conclusion

I can’t think of too many problems here, aside from the fact that none of the games are really in-depth or graphics focused. Gameplay is enjoyable, but I can certainly see these games appealing more to guys that just want to bust out a nut but enjoy the thrill of the chase. I mean, you can’t really go wrong since the site is 100% free either, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Honestly, my only big complaint is that there are quite a few adverts and that can be annoying for a lot of users. Still, they’re easy to avoid and if you just want a fun XXX experience, offers exactly that. Ultimately, I’d suggest you just take a look at the website and try a few of their splendid games – I’ve little doubt you’ll regret your decision. Mr. Porn Geek enjoyed his time here and is sure you will too.

Review Pros
  • Releases new games
  • Free to use
  • Walkthrough videos
Review Cons
  • Some adverts
  • Basic graphics