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I Luv Toons claims that it ‘offers awe-inspiring cartoon porn’ and some of the best action packed content you’ll ever see in the cartoon industry. Is this true? I’ve spent about ten minutes looking at the site and to be totally honest with you, I agree with their analysis! The homepage seems to update on a regular basis with a whole range of material. You’re getting hentai sluts, funny cartoon content, some famous material from places like The Simpsons and Family Guy, comic book porn and a bunch more. If it’s animated and it’s erotic, chances are you’ll grab a slice at I LuvToons.

The best places here that I recommend you visit are the ‘latest’ and ‘top’ tabs. They’re located on the header navigation bar and as the names imply, they’ll show you what’s just been uploaded and the highest rated material. I really liked everything about I LuvToons, and the only real problem is the fact that quite a few adverts are scattered through the archive listings. They’re easy to spot, but annoying if you accidentally click on them. Anyway: enjoy all the animated porn. You know you want to!”

Review Pros
  • Lots of content
  • Regular updates
Review Cons
  • Many adverts