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Collection of sexy hypnosis porn videos

Have you ever dreamed of a sexy hypnotherapist that would be able to make you cum only with the power of her thought? Do you wonder if it’s true that the brain is our bigger sexual organ?If the answer is yes, maybe Hypnotube could be the porn site for you! Here, among the most popular categories there’s Brainwashing: it features an amazing collection of erotic hypnosis tracks accompanied by explicit imagery. But how does exactly erotic hypnosis work? You hear a voice that speaks very slowly, saying things that are actually hypnotic commands that induce a state of trance in your brain. Apart from the dirty things the sexy hypnotists say, those recorded sessions aren’t that different from the ones you listen to sleep better or relax.

Some of the tracks are accompanied by sensual music, which creates a better atmosphere and helps you to reach the state of trance. I found the Brainwashing videos very relaxing and pleasant. The X-rated photos that you see while listening to the audio are simply amazing. Some of the creators of those amazing videos show their Patreon account as a watermark, so you can support them to create more and more high quality smut. I am particularly amazed at the guided meditation sessions by Perverted Meditations, with their relaxing music and their gorgeous porn images. Looks like I’ll be coming back for more when I need to de-stress…Most content is in English, but I found some in German and Spanish as well.

The videos, and the other kinds of X-rated content available

Some of those hypnosis recordings are like voice-overs on amazing amateur porn videos. I confess that when I’m tired of the whole hypnosis thing, I turn off the audio and I just watch the video, just like if it was a regular porn scene. There are some videos with no hypnotic voice-over, but they’re quite rare. I must admit that, even if hypnosis is what makes this site different from all the other porn tubes, I would have been pleased to see more traditional amateur content. Girls will be able to enjoy some seriously hot Female POV videos, while the guys will enjoy the Gloryhole category. The thumbnails of all videos are characterised by gorgeous, colourful graphics that make the whole website very appealing and enjoyable. I was enthusiast to check out the VR section, even if it still contains only a handful of videos.

There are also the Albums, where the users upload super sexy explicit photos and funny GIFs. In the section Reading I could find a library of erotic stories, but my complaint is that the tiny font on the black background makes them difficult to read. Yeah, let’s admit that Mr. Porn Geek’s eyesight is no more as sharp as when he was younger…

Last but not least, in the section Community I could learn more about the people who upload their smut on Hypnotube. Once you’re registered to the community, you can send messages to the other users. By clicking on Playlists, instead, you can see the other users’ playlists, while the Links sections list some of the Patreon accounts of the amateur creators that post their smut on the site. You can filter the users based on their age, location, gender and on their activity on the website: you can choose to view only the ones that have previously uploaded photos or videos.

Lots of content about sissification and bisexuality

The most common topic on Hypnotube seems to be Sissy training. There are lots of videos that focus on hypnotic feminisation as well as hypnotic sessions that aim to put the user in the right mindset for sissification. I’m all for the hypnotic recordings that help the users to feel more confident with their sexuality, and this includes teaching them how to eat cum (there’s a whole video category for this) or how to suck a cock for the first time. However, I’m a little bit skeptical of the ones that claim that, after listening to the recording, you’ll instantly turn into an insatiable nympho! Surprisingly enough, there’s even a category called Anti Sissy, where you find hypnotic sessions that reverse the effect of the ones that make you become an insatiable nympho.

Sort of an anti-aphrodisiac…The official game of Hypnotube is sissy-focused too: it’s called Sissy Matrix and it includes hypnotic audio recordings that will help users with sissification. The website claims: “Sissy Matrix will transform you into the girl that you truly are. So, get it now, and embrace your feminine nature…”.Also, I’m pleased to see lots of hypnotic sessions aimed at resolving the bisexuality confusion of some users, whether they really work or not. The intention behind them is certainly good!

The usability of the HypnoTube

Both the mobile and the desktop versions of Hypnotube are fast and responsive. My experience on the website wasn’t interrupted by nasty popups and the ads, at the bottom of the page, aren’t distracting. The dark theme is enabled by default, but you can switch to a lighter one by clicking on the lamp bulb symbol on the right top of the page. I tend to prefer the darker ones: since I usually consume porn at night, they feel more comfortable for my eyes. There’s also a button to switch language, but apparently English is the only one available.

The navigation system is clear to understand and easy to use. The search function at the top of the page allows you to find what you want in no time, and there’s the option to filter the results including only Videos, Images or Community (i.e. the users of the website). Last but not least, the big purple Upload button makes it clear that everyone is welcome to publish their smut on the website. After all, Hypnotube is a community-driven website, that couldn’t be as outstanding as it is without the contribution of the users.

Review Pros
  • Original hypno-orgasm content
  • Rich of amateur content
  • Community-driven
Review Cons
  • Few non-hypnotic videos