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Games Of Desire: Mr. Porn Geek’s review

You honestly wouldn’t believe how many emails I’ve had over the last month or so begging me to write up reviews on more great adult gaming websites. I’ve been so swamped with demands that I’ve started to take the weekends as ‘working time’ too. Honestly you guys are going to murder me with this stuff, but I know what my job is and how important this is, so I might as well crack on, right? This all brings me to my review today: Games Of Desire. Described as being a destination for sex games and cartoon porn, I’m excited to venture on other to see what I find. I can already vouch for this website if you want great XXX games, but if you’d like to know why, keep reading below for my complete, honest review on Games Of Desire.

Games Of Desire’s Homepage

As is customary these days, Mr. Porn Geek begins his adventure on the homepage of the website he’s writing about. Games Of Desire has a lot going on here, so let me try to break it down as best as possible to explain what you’re getting here. First up, the header has a search bar if you want to find something in particular as well as a bunch of links to specific categories. There are quite a few here to select from, including BDSM, hentai, puzzle and action titles. Below that, you’ve also got a list of the latest added games although sadly, no dates are attached, so I can’t tell you when new ones are added. Further down, popular games from each category are shown and yeah – that’s pretty much it from the homepage side of things. Now then, I think it’s about time I sampled the gaming action, since that’s what we’re here for, right?

Games Of Desire: Pizza Delivery Girl

The first game I got my hands on went by the name of Chloe’s New Job: Pizza Delivery Girl. This is a Flash-based title that follow the story of a busty 22-year old college graduate by the name of Chloe. She’s not all that great at doing anything in particular when it comes to the labor market and ends up burning down a Subway franchise after just a few days on the job. Thankfully, she finally lands a position at a pizza place after sucking off the guy in charge. You’ll then be tasked with delivering tasty treats all across the city to a bunch of random dudes: along the way Chloe comes unstuck with customers that won’t pay and even crashes the car she was given to complete the job! Eventually, Chloe covers a dude in pizza and sucks his cock to get out of the situation: it’s a pretty funny game and the sex controls are quite in-depth, so while it’s not exactly the most difficult of titles, I still recommend taking it for a spin if you like dumb sex games.

As mentioned, this is a Flash title, so if your browser or device doesn’t support that – well tough luck bucko, because you won’t be playing Chloe’s New Job: Pizza Delivery Girl any time soon!

Games of Desire: Pornstar Dating Sim

The next game I decided to write a review on was one entitled Pornstar Dating Sim. You’ll start off here by selecting your name, age, height, weight and star sign – I made a tall daddy by the name of Chad who happens to be a businessman with a perverted nature (you can actually select from a bunch if options, including being a student, soldier or athlete, as well as personalities such as playful, criminal and brave). Sadly, I couldn’t find any easy option on Pornstar Dating Sim to actually mute it: you’ll have to play this porn game with the sound (or mute the tab if you’re using a browser that allows that).

Anyway, I decided to start off Chad’s adventure by hitting the gym. I was surprised that you can select a bunch of options here, including working with a trainer, visiting the sauna and even just taking a look around. Each one has a time-based component and some other resources are also consumed depending on your choices. I felt like working up a sweat so ‘training’ was my first click: this improved my strength and let me tell you: that’s going to go a long way when it comes to finding hot broads to bone. After two training sessions, I hot the sauna for 15 minutes and then went to sleep before starting day two. So far, so good!

You’ll eventually meet chicks and build up experience with them: the levels progress through different stages and you get to talk about more and more erotic and intimate things. I won’t spoil how the game develops, but in terms of time spent on a particular title, this one is going to take you a while to beat. The girls are pretty sexy if I’m being honest with you, plus the whole idea of making a better version of yourself before you eventually get to sleep with a stunner is a good reflection of how real life works. Definitely consider trying out Pornstar Dating Sim at some point: I had a lot of fun with this one.

Games Of Desire: Dungeon Pleasure

The last game I’m going to include in this review goes by the name of Kyousei Inkou – Dungeon Pleasure. You can probably tell from the name alone that this is a hentai production straight out of Japan and boy, is it a rough one! The first thing you have to do is accept a warning which states “this game contains violence, gore and brutal sex” – sign me the fuck up, fam! You’ll then be told the story which focuses on a girl who’s kept in a cell below a company’s headquarters for the purposes of being a sexual slave. The game then has some tutorial information but for whatever reason it’s all in Japanese: you’ll just have to guess what each of the options do at this point.

You start off with some blowjob action, but can switch over to forced throat fucking, hair pulling and dirty talk if you’d prefer that. As your sex slave levels up, more options unlock. Do note that you’ll have to click the blue bar on the left-hand side of the box to see all of the options, although you can use hotkeys on your keyboard if you’re looking to speedrun this particular title. I recommend hitting C at least a few times as a hot tip: you’ll channel your inner Mike Tyson and clock her with a fantastic hook before she goes right back to munching on your shaft.

Collections on Games Of Desire

Before wrapping this puppy up, I do want to touch on one aspect here at Games Of Desire that I do think is worth mentioning. Some games are grouped together under various categories, but there are also IP-specific collections too. We’re talking about Game of Thrones porn games, Bleach hentai titles and even a collection of Jessica Rabbit releases. I quite like the idea of making it simple and convenient to get all of the similar games in one location – it’s especially good if you’re only interested in squeezing your hog to a special babe too.

Concluding my Games Of Desire review

When all is said and done, few can deny that Games of Desire manages to produce one hell of a free environment for anyone that likes XXX games. There are hundreds of available options here and while many are based on Flash, the more recent games can also be enjoyed on most mobile devices without issue. Ultimately, I think that Games Of Desire is a top contender in the space and so long as it keeps itself up to date, I have little reason not to make it one of my recommended websites here on Mr. Porn Geek.

So how about you venture on other to Games Of Desire now and get to work on enjoying all of these porn games?

Review Pros

  • Lots of games
  • Free to play
  • Categorized content

Review Cons

  • Some adverts
  • A few Flash games