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Fuck Games: Mr. Porn Geek analysis

You want to play some fuck games, right? Well Mr. Porn Geek has always been about those titles that focus on nothing but hardcore sucking and fucking. Everyone knows that if you’re looking for the cream of the crop when it comes to high quality gaming entertainment, I’ve got you covered. In this review, I’m going to be looking at a destination called fuck games and at the same time, I’ll give you my thoughts on the industry and where things are going in future. Let’s get down to business then – Mr. Porn Geek is hyped because this space is getting huge these days!

Fuck Games – the current status

I think that many years ago, games in general were pretty hard to create. We had a number of problems when it came to accessibility: not everyone could use a computer, coding languages were tough and the market for games was much smaller than it is today. I mean – not only are there more people on the planet, but the popularity of the Internet has increased year-on-year and finally, more people in developing countries now have access to games online. All of that combines into one wonderful, undeniable truth: fuck games are fast becoming a great way for dudes to enjoy their time online.

Back in the day, Mr. Porn Geek remembers titles like Roller Coaster Tycoon 2: this was one of my favorite games when I was younger, but it’s crazy how average the graphics are looking back. Play any average porn game now developed by a nerd in his basement and you’ll see the transformation we’ve made! I’ve been reading up on the Unity Engine actually: it seems like it might be a good way for people like me to go out there and create great fuck games that anyone can play without a care in the world. Now the link I’ve provided here will take you to one great place for games, but you might find that it’s just one of many hubs where you can enjoy free, erotic titles that’ll make your cock rock hard in a matter of seconds.

The future of fuck games

So what does the future of games devoted to hold for us? Well, I think that the normal game industry is having some serious issues when it comes to nickel and diming everyone that they can. Take companies like EA for instance – what they’ve done with their soccer games is absolutely pornographic. Think about the ethics here for a minute: any guy who plays a fuck game is immediately branded a fool and a loser for jerking off to something he enjoys, but somehow it’s totally okay for EA to drain people of hundreds of dollars for a few stupid football player cards or whatever? The DLC craze where games ship incomplete is a joke man – Mr. Porn Geek knows all too well that the current status of games is in the toilet. So, I think that we’ve got a great opportunity here for a wonderful future: porn games.

What you get with fucking games

The great thing about games devoted to fucking is the fact that you know what you’re getting. The porn industry has always been honest and open about what it sells: smut. A lot of these adult games are just contribution or donation based too, so you don’t have to part with any cash in order to play them. Sure, you will have to verify your age from time to time, but this is just to make sure that no one is playing games that shouldn’t be. Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t actually mind the methods employed by companies right now to ensure folks aren’t accessing mature content if they’re still young – CC verification just makes a lot of sense, since people under the age of 18 can’t get their hands on those no matter how hard they try.

VR games: a possible angle?

Virtual reality has a lot of applications when it comes to gaming, but I’m most excited about the future that it holds for adult entertainment. Have you ever wanted to play a fuck game in full 3D? Perhaps even a little ASMR to make your cock nice and hard? Well now you can with VR fuck games! I’ve seen a few are in development by people I know that have created standard porn games and I’ll be sure to update my links as and when they become available. One creator I’m particularly fond of has told me personally that in the middle of 2020, he plans to release one of the best fuck games ever created – exclusive to VR devices. We’re living in an absolutely fantastic time for these types of things and the links I give will always offer you the best XXX gaming experiences known to man. Hell, I’ve been thinking about hiring some developers for myself so that I can create my own VR fuck game: I don’t know if that’s going to happen, but it just might if I feel like there’s enough demand for it.

Some final words on fucking games

Okay, I didn’t actually get to talk much about the place I linked to, buy if you do enjoy some games where your cock will be thankful and your brain stimulated, please go ahead and check out the link that I’ve provided. Mr. Porn Geek has always been a big fan of the hottest games devoted to fucking around, so if you’re in that market, look no further than right here! My plan is to actually create one of the best hubs on the Internet for this type of thing, so yeah – cheers for reading my review and make sure that you jerk your sausage off to all of the great fuck games I’ve recommended. That’s me done: check back again in the future for more stellar porn titles that are going to make you cum in an instant!

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Review Pros
  • Great porn games
  • Easy to play
  • Lots of releases
Review Cons
  • Some tough titles
  • Addictive