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What I’ve learned over the last few months from talking to my readers here at Mr. Porn Geek is that you guys are proper nerds. I receive a heap of visitors each and every day to my porn games section and get constant emails asking me to add certain places to the list. I guess I should’ve guessed that in the modern era, men love two things: porn and video games – why wouldn’t they want to combine the two? Anyhow, today I’m here to talk to you about Free Sex Games: a site that gives you access to a number of different playable titles that you’re going to love if you want to jerk off while getting high scores.

Right now, the catalogue here consists of great titles such as Ms. Pac Whore, Grand Fuck Auto, Strip Poker and Titris. Your membership entitles you to play all of these titles, plus any new ones added to the archive. You’ll also get a huge quantity of porn available in full 1080p HD when you join, and 20 bonus sites to boot. It’s a pretty wide adult experience, but their games are great and have a lot of replay value. So if you’re tired of Fallout 4 and World of Warcraft because you’re not busting nuts to them, visit Free Sex Games today and get what you’re after!

Please note: This site has pre checked cross sales on the join page. Make sure you uncheck them options, unless you want these extras of course, as you will be charged extra for them.

Review Pros

  • Dozens of porn games
  • Free adult videos

Review Cons

  • Limited tour
  • Some games suck