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Crazy Fake Taxi

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MrPornGeek’s Take on Fake Crazy Taxi

Fake Crazy Taxi is a kick-ass game that combines elements of two specific things, one of them being a gaming concept and the other being a porn concept. It really is quite a genius in terms of its execution, and the morphing of these two things is not something I would’ve come up with. This is why I leave the creation of games to other people. They have the expertise and knowledge to pull off something that is incredibly entertaining, while also making it something that people can jerk off to on the regular. Today, Mr. Porn Geek reviews the game, giving you a little bit of background on what it is about as well as the game pros and cons that you need to know before heading over to the site.

What Are The Two Things Fake Crazy Taxi Combines?

Fake Crazy Taxi some great positives to it, and provides additional entertainment for people who are aware of fake taxi porn clips and the Crazy Taxi videogame. Crazy Taxi, the videogame series, is a game that focuses on attacking and racing other vehicles, as well as doing crazy stunts to get points to improve your vehicle and your skills. Not very many games have been ported to as many platforms as Crazy Taxi has, and even fewer games have sold over 100 million copies as it has. The game is incredibly popular and capitalizes on a unique set up and set of themes. The goal of the game is to continue to improve and win, while also making money along the way.

Fake taxi is a porn concept where taxi drivers talk to people who are getting rides from them seeing if they might be interested in having some fun. Sometimes this type of roleplay sex ends up in people having sex in the back of the vehicle, and other times the taxi driver will take them home and have sex with them there. These top porn sex scenes are usually pretty straightforward, and it does not take a long time for the attractive babes that are featured to start fucking. It’s all about the sex and fans love it.

How Things Work In-Game

Fake Crazy Taxi combines elements of both of these things to create an adventurous game that has a lot of replay value. You are still competing with other vehicles, and doing stunts, but there are more stunts that happen in between the auto racing action. These stunts involve the hottest animated porn chicks doing the dirty with you. If you can accomplish certain sex positions throughout the game, you get bonus points and experience. Build up your skills, and you might even be able to fuck that stripper that has become a regular. The game does not go as far as having sex while doing a barrel roll, but things can get pretty extreme pretty fast.

Each of the characters in the game, your customers, talk to you about different topics that are of interest to them. Sometimes you get to select the topic of conversation you bring up, and there are hints about how the person dresses and acts to help guide you along the way if you notice them. Based on your answers in the conversations, and the number of achievement points you have, you might get lucky and score with them. Keep in mind that you might not be ready to flirt with and fuck some of the women, due to your skill point total in the game. Don’t worry, however, the more difficult and challenging customers will need more taxi rides later on.

So Much To Explore

Fake Crazy Taxi takes place in an open world. You might find your best luck in the bar district early in the game. As you gain experience, you can seek out other places and find more people to play with. If you do an excellent job with some of the more affluent customers, they might even buy you presents to seduce you into their bed. Fake Crazy Taxi has more complexity to it than many other games I have played. There may be some women who invite you back to their house, but you need to be careful about how often you go for these types of booty calls. Their husbands might walk in and catch you. Tons of porn themes are featured in these games, including cuckold sex scenes.

Many games in existence have one theme, and they stick to it all the way through. This game allows people to take things in different directions by moving into relationships and flirtations in different orders and different ways. This is one of the reasons that the game has so much replay value. I feel that Fake Crazy Taxi is one of the top games out there.

Cons To Fake Crazy Taxi

Fake Crazy Taxi does have some negatives, one of which is the requirement to enter credit card information for age verification. While your credit card does not get charged when you first create an account, make sure to read the fine print. This is advice for anybody who is providing their credit card information online. Once you are on the site, website navigation is pretty simple to do. The graphics in the game are pretty fantastic, but it could take between five and 10 minutes before your first sexual experience occurs. For those who want to get into a game, see some breasts, and get out, this might be a little bit longer than they would like. This is a minor negative, but one that you should be aware of, particularly if you are pressed for time.

Final Notes on Fake Crazy Taxi

You already know from reading the reviews on my website that I am an avid fan of both high-quality pornography films and fantastic mainstream games. When I have the opportunity to enjoy both of these things, particularly when they are types of porn that I like and types of games that I like, I jump at the opportunity. I was extremely excited when I found out that Crazy Fake Taxi was a fan favorite game that existed. This game combines elements of two well-known things, while also creating its own unique game that has a lot of replay value. Replay value is the term used to describe games that you can play multiple times and still be entertained by them. Sometimes this is because the storyline is different each time a person plays, and other times the game is just so beautiful that playing it over and over still brings joy. Crazy Fake Taxi brings both.

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