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BlackPornGames review: AKA “Black Whores”

Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t like to bring about bad news to his readers, but it’s unfortunately the case that the video game previously known as Black Whores has been removed from the website where it was once hosted. I spoke to the owner of the site and allegedly, a user of the portal complained to the government in the United Kingdom because it was such a graphic title. They upheld the complaint and he was required to remove it from the servers or risk having his entire site shut down. The good news is that Black Whores was just a single title out of many that are available on this site, so you’re still going to have access to lots of video games if you do decide to sign up. Now then, let’s get down to business and talk about what you can expect to find here!

Extreme levels of pornography

So before I go too much into what’s actually available here, I just want to let you know well in advance – it’s a lot. Your membership is actually to a network called My User Vault and for all intents and purposes, it’s insanely large. It’s not just big when it comes to games either: you’ve got webcams to check out, 3D rendered toon porn uploads, lots of great photos and access to a cache of DVDs to boot – oh, and bonus sites too! I’m going to go through each part individually, but I’ll let you know ahead of time: there’s so much action going on here that I can’t help but give it the thumbs up. An all in one package like this is my idea of a good time.

The toon porn collection

So my first stop is with the rendered cartoon action that’s available here inside My User Vault: there are currently just over 800 uploads and all of them are some of the highest quality renders I’ve ever seen. You’ve got a stellar mix of material too: Ho White And The Four Nutz, Vampire Held Hostage, Lust In Space and Goblin Gangbang. These guys seem to just through whatever they can at the wall and hope that some of it interests you! What’s more, the site has special sub-sections devoted to3D lesbian action, Planet XXX exclusives and a special ‘Undead’ category if you’re more filthy than the average rendered porn consumer. Suffice to say that if your addiction to porn in video games also stems to 3D rendered action, these guys have the goods you need.

XXX video game city

I think it’s probably about time to look at the games available here – after all, Black Whores was an interactive porn experience that I think most people are looking for an alternative to. When you hit the adult video games page for the first time, you’ll see a range of choices. These include popular releases such as Call of Booty, Grand Fuck Auto, Gotham Sluts and BDSM Discipline. Note that for the most part, the porn games offered by My User Vault are all single-hand focused and only really need the mouse. I think I don’t need to tell you why that is (it’s so you can jerk off, stupid!).

Anyway, don’t get stuck on the first page and the few dozen games they’ve got there without also considering the links along the top of the site that take you into various gaming sections. The biggest one by far is the hentai games category that has fun gaming experiences provided via Summer Session, Miami Holidays, Seductive RPG and Fuck Town Library Debt. Since the artwork is mainly hentai focused, you can expect a lot of dating simulation action here: get fit at the gym, talk to girls the right way and you’ll be fucking them in no time! I’ve done the math and at the time of writing this review, My User Vault has 200+ video games in the hentai catalog alone. That’s insane – forget about Black Whores!

You’ll also have access to more advanced titles that require a lot of time to sit down and go through. One such example is Hustletown, where you assume the role of a gangster who’s just got out of prison and you’re looking to get back into a life of crime, sex and drug dealing. You’ll come across hookers too: make sure you play the situation right and the porn part of Hustletown will become evident sooner than you’d expect! Certainly the better choice for people that want to take their time enjoying a gaming title and aren’t looking to bust a nut as soon as they turn on their computer – My User Vault really seems to deliver!

One final mention is the ‘card games’ area that has a few skill-based experiences, such as Alphabet Memory Cards Game, Tripeaks Solitaire and Four Colors. These aren’t for your average gamer – you’ve got to have the brains to be able to succeed! So anyway, on the whole I think it goes without saying that if you were reading this review of Black Whores for the gaming aspect, you’ll be covered directly thanks to what is available in its place. If you love porn and you love video games, My User Vault has equal amounts of both that you’re going to get addicted to – no doubt about it.

The DVD collection

Okay, so you’re done playing your games and now you want a complete hands-off experience – can My User Vault deliver? Hell to the yes! Head on over to the ‘Full Movies’ page and you’ll see over 1,000 DVDs, all of which you have unrestricted access to! New ones are added here all the time, but right now you’ve got the likes of Teen Lesbian Fantasies, Black Ass Addiction, My Hot StepSister and  Big Titty Mommas: suffice to say that in the niche department, pretty much every adult sex video addict is going to be covered here.

When you click on a DVD, you’ll see a list of scenes that are available to be watched: many are offered in HD, so if you like top quality porn clips, this is for you. The site also features a pornstars page so if you’re looking for a certain babe in action, go here. Don’t think it’s all D-grade whores either: I saw Megan Rain, Dakota Skye, Saki Ootsuka and Sasha Grey: world-class ass that really know how to get down and dirty. It’s pretty crazy just how much action is available here and the fun never seems to stop: I thought the loss of Black Whores would be a tragic event, but it’s not that much of a big deal in the grand scheme of things!

The bonus sites to boot

Okay so, one final thing to mention – your membership to My User Vault entitles you to check out feature-length porn shoots from Premier Passport, Premium Porn HD and XXX HD Vault. Together these sites have hundreds of hours of smut to enjoy, plus it’s all included as a completely standard part of your package. No tricks, bullshit or otherwise – My User Vault has gone out of their way to give you lots of porn at a rock-bottom price and honestly, the execution is magnificent. Bonus sites are always good, but when you’ve got hundreds of games and thousands of DVDs, it all seems like a bit of an overload. You’ll have a hard team beating out this site, that’s for sure!

My final thoughts on Black Whores’ network

Okay so Black Whores is no longer here, but the good news is that you’ve got a huge number of alternatives to enjoy when you sign up to the site. I think everyone wants access to hundreds of porn games, right? My User Vault gives you all of that, plus it does so with free bonuses that you’ll have a tough time finding competition for. Honestly, one of the biggest caches in the history of adult entertainment is on offer here – I find it so hard to think of reasons not to sign up, because my experience inside with the bonus sites, the DVDs and the 3D rendered porn was so damn good.

This network gets my seal of approval – it’s a shame Black Whores isn’t around but to be completely honest with you, it matters very little. Click the link and check this place out: you won’t be disappointed.

Please note: The games on the website are not owned by MrPornGeek. To contact this website’s customer service, email [email protected] or call 877-283-5293.

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  • Hundreds of adult games
  • Free bonus websites
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