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MrPornGeek’s View On Banger Lands 3

Banger Lands 3 is a game that is available across multiple devices, including cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. It is a hardcore game that is filled with incredible hardcore action, some of it which can be shocking. In a similar fashion to Slut Simulator, this game site has games that incorporate a lot of ways to win rewards and gain power-ups. When entering the website, a notice about how addicting the game appears. After reviewing the site, I have to admit that the game truly is addicting. The artwork in the game is fantastic, and there are many incredible characters featured. The Borderlands game series is fantastic, bringing loads of incredibly attractive characters that fans have been eagerly awaiting a game for.

Characters That Are Hot As Heck

Of course, the original hunters are featured, including Lilith, Mordecai, and Brick. Tiny Tina is also featured, and fan-favorite Moxxi is also here to play. In the games, she is quoted as saying, “You want my camera, hun? You can borrow it on one condition – anything you shoot better involve naked flesh or explosions. Bonus points for both.” Moxxi definitely had the right idea and is well represented getting nude and rude on film in Banger Lands 3. She loves to use money, manipulation, and sex to get what she wants. Perfect for a raunchy hardcore world that has been created for your pleasure. Many other characters from the games are included here, and there are also additional games available as a bonus after you enter the website.

Soft Sex, Aggressive Sex, And More

There is a huge range of sex scenes in this top game, and for fans of the Borderlands series, there will be a type of nerd excitement that really comes out. The attention to detail on the site is incredible; the character combinations leave a lot of options open for creativity. Think about Moxxi giving a titty fuck, because it happens. Plus, Tiny Tina riding dick as her small titties bounce up and down. Borderlands 3 shows the characters from the original series getting older, and they obviously have more experience in bed as well. Whether you are a fan of softer and more erotic sex or prefer rough sex or kinky porn videos, the action is here.

There Are Threesomes Galore

I am definitely a fan of threesomes and group sex, and Banger Lands 3 has some of the raunchiest scenes in games. I am completely turned on by the more steampunk elements of the costuming outfits, and the colors that these characters have in terms of their hair, outfits, and tattoos, bring it to the next level. Not only can many of the characters be seen as they are in the games, but there are also plenty of futa porn films to enjoy as well. All of your favorite characters can be seen sucking multiple dicks at once and having a fantastic time taking cum from the men in the game. There are tons of lesbian porn scenes in the game too, as well as MFF porn clips.

Things Get Even More Wild

The game has scenes even more extreme than threesomes, with some group sex scenes and robot sex as well. Make sure to check out not only this game but also other games that are available. There are games featuring celebrities, famous cartoons, and more. While the homepage might make it look like the site is just the one game, there are multiple games within the site for you to enjoy. These games have different mechanics to them. What variety!

Perfect For Voyeurs And People Who Want To Join Alike

Think about it this way; if you were Claptrap and got to watch your favorite characters getting it on, this is what these movies are like. Things might not be coming out of the wall sphincters, but you can get your excitement in other ways. After having their man meat thrusting in and out of the gorgeous babes in the game, a lot of cum shoots out, and the resulting facials are incredible. Which of the many Borderlands characters would you like to see getting it on? Simply put, they are all on this website. You can either imagine you are watching or imagine your joining in, and both will lead to intense orgasms as you shoot your load all over the place.

About Banger Lands 3 Website Navigation

There are a few improvements that could be made to the site, and there are some advertisements on the site as well. Since the website does not charge you to create an account, it makes sense that there are some porn adverts included. They do not distract too much from the site, but the awareness that they exist is important. As more mainstream games come out, I am looking forward to updates and advancements to this gaming style. The characters are well-drawn, and the scenes are provocative and sensual. Which characters would be your fantasy fuck buddies if you had the option? Would your fantasy fuck buddy be a character in the human sense at all? There are plenty of robots to enjoy as well, and with every sexual position represented, you get to see every part of these hot animated porn babes. The scenes look 3D as well, adding another element of enjoyment.

Final Notes On Banger Lands 3

Everything from group sex animated porn films to one-on-one cartoon porn sex and threesome porn movies, Banger Lands 3 brings you all of the character combinations and fantastic options available. There are numerous BDSM porn clips on the site as well, and when it comes to toys, robots are the best. Remember that you get the best porn content available using Mr. Porn Geek reviews, but you can also get the best prices for porn available. I not only review pay porn sites, but also free porn tube sites, free game websites, and even dating websites. Find lust, love, freedom, and pleasure utilizing the tools provided. Don’t forget to check out Banger Lands 3, however, a fantastic selection for people who like to cum hard.

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Review Pros
  • Parody games
  • Fantastic backgrounds
  • Video game based
  • Easy gameplay
Review Cons
  • Not really much preview
  • Could improve navigation