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Mr. Porn Geek visits Amasens

Howdy gang – it’s Mr. Porn Geek back in the lab again! Today, I’m going to be bringing you analysis of a spot called Amasens. For those who don’t have the most insane language skills, I should warn you ahead of time that this platform is devoted to escorts from Italy. Not only this, but the entirety of the platform itself is written in Italian – something that I’m pretty sure a lot of you horny dudes are going to struggle with. Still, I promised myself that I would branch out with reviews and give a bunch of people more attention, so hey – how about I go ahead and tell you all about this Italian escort destination? Sounds like a plan and a half to me. Read below: you’ll get the full, authoritative Mr. Porn Geek analysis.

The homepage of Amasens

When you hit the homepage here, you’ll be shown the latest adverts which have been added to the database. This is a self-posted destination, which essentially means that all of the girls are going to be sharing their services and then it’s up to you to dig through them in the hopes of finding the perfect Italian girl for you. I should note that I’m writing this at the start of 2021 – a period through which Italy still has COVID concerns. As a result, I’m going to suggest that you stay at home and jerk off instead of hiring an escort, but hey: chances are you’re not going to listen to me. I just don’t want the risk of the Italian government censoring me and shutting down Mr. Porn Geek’s hustle because they don’t like that I’m pushing strangers to meet up and have a bunch of skin on skin action with one another! Anyway, the homepage gives you the ability to look through various provinces, so I suppose I should talk a little bit about that.

Province searching at Amasens

Pretty much every single major and minor region in Italy is covered here: I think if you’re going to go big on a single country, you have to make sure that you cover all angles, right? Well, the current array of locations includes the likes of Alexandria, Catania, Milan and Parma, among many other hubs that you’ll likely be at. I’d estimate that around 50 separate locations are listed here, so yeah – I think it’s safe to say that 99% of the country is covered by at least some sex worker that’ll exchange their bodies for a bunch of cash. One thing you might notice is that right at the bottom of the sidebar, just below Viterbo, you’ll find a few categories. These consist of escort, transsexual, massages, couples and meetings. I think it’s a good idea to keep transsexual providers separate, in addition to massage places (or outcall services). I’m prone to a good massage or two myself, so it’s pretty important for everyone to recognize that I’m not going to fuck: I just want to get a top quality body rub and a jerking session to boot! Hell, there have been times where I’ve even gone for a rub and tug and only wanted the rub – working out at the gym for a few hours can really take its toll on your body.

Average provider information at Amasens

Since this website is entirely in Italian, it’s pretty difficult for me to go ahead and tell you what the biographies here are like. The good thing about escorts is that more often than not, they’re in the business of showing off visually – great for me! I’d say that the girls are pretty damn sexy, which is very much a compliment, since I’m not someone who typically goes for European-style babes. The platform is also updated incredibly often with new posts for ladies that want to meet up and do some very naughty things. It’s actually quite funny that the automatic translations here are so bad (thanks, Google!), one advert starts out with ‘Hello wanker’, whereas another says ‘Hot absolutely shits!’ – no idea what the originals were, but I’m having a good giggle to myself regardless. Again: this is a place to visit if you’re Italian or, at the very least, able to speak Italian at a native level.

The blog on Amasens

I saw a link to a blog in the header and yeah: I had to go ahead and click the link. The posts here are somewhat similar to Mr. Porn Geek’s: general sex advice and that type of thing. Turns out that the blog posts are also written in Italian, so it’s not like you can even slide in here and redeem something decent if you’re unable to speak the language. It’s pretty dry on content too – mainly long-form written stuff about jerking off, finding MILFs and utilizing your small cock. I’m not even kidding, that’s literally one of the article themes. Come to think of it, I read recently that Italians and Greeks had the smallest shafts in the European Union – as if the crippling economic conditions weren’t enough! Speedy recovery guys: may your escorts stimulate the economy as well as they stimulate your shafts! Mr. Porn Geek longs for a return to normality – especially since I’ve had to put off my yearly one-month pizza tour to Italy because of the China virus!

A wrap on Amasens

Look guys, I’m generally in my element when it comes to reviewing platforms with an escort focus, but since this place isn’t in English, I’m just going to have to go ahead and suggest you check it out for yourself and see whether or not you like what’s on offer. It’s active and it has location-based listing: I think that’s pretty much all you need to care about and yeah, because it has both, it’s getting the Mr. Porn Geek thumbs-up approval award. Thanks a bunch for reading – now go find the perfect Italian escort who’s going to gobble up your cock and then feed you a calzone once you’ve finished up. Just make sure you don’t have any of that week-old creamy fettuccini – you can never be too sure where the ingredients have been sourced from!

Review Pros
  • Active escort community
  • Full Italian coverage
  • Fast loading speeds
Review Cons
  • No English version
  • No advanced search