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Self-described as a ‘dating simulator’ where you have to remove a curse by fucking your way around the city, 7 Angels is a free to play Nutaku title that is going to be loved by all those who love classic XXX dating sims where you’re tasked with pounding as many chicks as possible like the stud you are. I’ve played plenty of Nutaku games over the years and have loved almost all of them: I’m champing at the bit to see whether 7 Angels is yet another top-tier place I ought to recommend for anyone who likes great porn games, so let’s play this bad boy and see what it’s like, shall we? Keep reading below for the full review on 7 Angels – a new porn game from Nutaku.

Playing 7 Angels for the first time

I don’t actually have an Android device but I think it’s worth mentioning that if you’re a mobile gamer, they’ve got an Android version of 7 Angels available that you might want to check out. For my PC master race chums, hit the ‘Play Now’ button for a browser-based embed to appear that contains the entirety of 7 Angels. This game is built using the Unity engine and from the looks of things was actually designed for mobile devices first and foremost, given its vertical appearance and surrounding aesthetic. When the game finally loads, enter your name and select the first episode to kick things off. Lilith will be the first chick that you come into contact with and honestly, I love the way that this game kicks off things with a chat-like approach to talking to the ladies you’re hoping to bang.

After Lilith writes a few messages and gives you a compliment, you have a few different ways that you can choose to reply. Because I’m a bit of an alpha, I demanded a picture from Lilith as my first response – I’m not about to spend my night having phone sex with a chicken head. Turns out that Lilith liked my vibe and sure enough, I received a hot snap of this platinum-haired babe and her great knockers within seconds. Lilith then decided that she wanted to mention her ex in a conversation with me – what’s wrong with this woman? I don’t care who previously put meat inside of you, I only care if I’ve got a shot of railing that tight snatch before the end of the week! Thankfully I managed to keep the topic sexual, although I had to do a ‘trust game’ in order to get this broad to open up with me.

The first challenge on 7 Angels

You’ll have to complete a challenge pretty early on in 7 Angels to keep a chick happy and for me, this involved linking balls of a similar color in a standard, Flash game of a bygone era puzzle. It’s not quite Candy Crush levels of difficulty, but it’s hardly simple either. Do yourself a favor and try to build up some combos – this is the quickest way to get points that ensure that you won’t have to do the same challenge over and over again. After completing the challenge, you’ll earn a few different prizes, including things like Rubies, energy points and items that you can utilize as gifts. You can also head on over to the achievement section of the game and collect a reward, which happens to be a collectable card that shows a very erotic image that you might very well blow your load to if you’re so inclined. So far, so good for 7 Angels – it has just the right blend of reward for input and I think a lot of people are going to absolutely love that. I’d also like to add that the interface is real slick and makes getting around all of the sections of the game a walk in the park. It’s very obvious to me that 7 Angels has been recently produced – it’s so damn clean and just works like all things ought to! No bugs, no bullshit: just a great anime dating simulator where you’re in the driving seat.

Playing 7 Angels for the afternoon

I ended up playing 7 Angels for about an hour in total before writing this review and to be honest with you, I think I’ve gotten the grasp of this dating sim and what it brings to the table. For me, I think the biggest draw card is just the unique approach to the game – the mobile focus is fantastic and means that they can produce a hell of a lot of scenes for you to play through, since the main content medium that you’re enjoying the action through is text, not visual material. 7 Angels really does have a polish that I haven’t seen from many other text-based games and their commitment to giving lots of content on this one is stellar to see. I played for an hour and honestly, I didn’t get close to completing all of the stuff that they had up for grabs. I should probably mention to you that 7 Angels is a freemium title but honestly, you won’t need to pay any money if you don’t want to – it’s surprising just how far you can get with just the default credits you get and you can always wait a while if you want to progress without paying anything whatsoever. Nutaku have always been good in that regard, so yeah – props to them for keeping things groovy when it comes to 7 Angels.

Other games on the Nutaku platform

When it comes to anime porn games, no platform has published anywhere near the number of quality releases that Nutaku has. These guys are absolutely stellar when it comes to releasing fresh goodies on the Internet and I think it’d be wise for you to look through their other games if you get the opportunity to do so. There are dozens here and I’ve written a decent number of reviews on some of the best, including the likes of Harem Heroes, Crystal Maidens, Naughty Kingdom and Throne of Legends. The artwork remains somewhat consistent throughout all of their publications but the gameplay is totally different from one title to the next, so if you’re a guy who likes playing lots of different styles of hentai video games, certainly consider going to the main gaming portal for the goods you seek. Mr. Porn Geek also wants to stress that this website is 100% free to visit and join – you only have to pay for credits if you want certain advantages and it’s entirely up to you whether or not you think that the benefits are worth the cost.

Final thoughts for 7 Angels

Because it has such a unique approach to gameplay, I think that 7 Angels is really a great game that you’re going to love playing if you enjoy dating sims with a twist. The hentai itself is fun but honestly, I felt more aroused by the text-based conversations I had with the girls for a lot of my time playing this one. It sounds weird, but the literature and the style made it feel almost as if I was genuinely talking to these anime babes. Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, Nutaku is doing a stellar job with their porn releases and I think you’d be smart to check this game out if you like what I’ve written thus far. Great game, unique theme and excellent execution – I don’t know about you, but those are all the things I look for when it comes to finding hot hentai games I can jerk off to!

Review Pros
  • Unique game design
  • Great interface
  • Sexy hentai artwork
Review Cons
  • No iOS version
  • Freemium model