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My take on 3D Sex Villa

You might have heard about 3D Sex Villa before and been a little skeptical about trying it out – thankfully, Mr. Porn Geek is here to let you know that he’s played through this game and had a decent time with what’s available. With so much content available, it’s actually pretty amazing how well this website has stayed under the radar – 3D Sex Villa has a heap of user-created content and a fantastic community that allows you to rate others and submit yourself for rating. Self-described as the ‘hottest cybersex game in the world’, I think it’s fair to say that 3D Sex Villa has somewhat lived up to its reputation: especially based on what I’ve seen after trying this game out for a few hours.

Why you should try 3D Sex Villa

Now I know what you’re thinking: it’s dangerous to download any program to my computer that comes from a non-trusted source. I’ve scanned 3D Sex Villa’s latest release with an online tool that utilizes 30 or so scanners – all of them came back with a clean bill of health for this game! What’s more, it’s available across Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10: that’s a lot of support for a lot of platforms if you ask me. Oh, I also forgot to mention but 3D Sex Villa houses over 5,000 toys for you to download and enjoy, as well as 16,000 items of clothing: you can mix and match for a seemingly infinite number of combinations!

The 3D Sex Villa community

I think it’s pretty clear that the community aspect of this game is what sells it above all others: while you don’t have to interact with others to have some fun, it doesn’t hurt to get involved on the forums and utilize chat features whenever you’ve got the chance. All in all, 3D Sex Villa goes above and beyond to deliver a great, fully-integrated gaming experience unlike anything I’ve seen before. Check this out sooner rather than later folks, I know you’re not going to be disappointed with what you find on the other side.

Review Pros
  • Thousands of sex toys
  • Virus free
  • Easy to play
Review Cons
  • Have to download
  • Freemium model