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Even though VR goggles have been launched a while back, the price tag was still relatively high for the majority of users. Well, the things have changed recently, and with that, the porn has changed. Forever. VR technology enables us to experience porn in a whole different way. It’s immersive, it’s realistic, and if feels fucking great. When Mr. Porn Geek sampled this technology, it was a revelation. And for you who are looking to take your porn viewing habits to another level, your first stop should definitely be VRHush.com

It’s a place completely dedicated to creating an ultimate porn experience. VR porn is all about the attention to details and content on VRHush.com is a prime example of how these videos should be made. First of all, no video should be specific just for VR goggles. Why would users who don’t have the goggles yet be deprived of the high-quality content? And the folks behind this platform understand that completely. The second thing is: VR porn needs to be shot in ultra HD and 4K, coming as close as possible to the real-life experience.

And again, VRHush.com delivered in style. Every scene, every video, every piece of content you can find on their site is absolutely incredible. The last thing Mr. Porn Geek really appreciated while exploring this platform is the quality of the action. These hotties are hot as hell, and they fuck like crazy, and each of them makes you feel like you are indeed there.

And that’s what Virtual Reality porn is all about. It’s the feeling no other type of porn can elicit. There are close to 150 exclusive and unique scenes that will keep your dick sore for months. And new content is added all the time. Another thing that really seals the deal is pricing and perks. There is a free preview for every scene, even if you are not a member. And for the premium members, a plethora of excellent content and additional features is available that is almost unrivalled in the world of VR porn. For their effort and impressive quality. Mr. Porn Geek absolutely recommends VRHush.com

Review Pros

  • Excellent video quality
  • Exclusive content
  • Many VR platforms supported

Review Cons

  • Only straight