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MrPornGeek heads on over to MILFMovs

MILFMovs is yet another site that has some odd association with X Videos. MILFMovs is a really bad site that no one should spend any time on at all. There is some good porn on MILFMovs, well, there are some good porn videos that are linked to on MILFMovs. I have reviewed several of these porn sites now. Each one has the exact same layout and MILFMovs is no exception to this and all of them link to videos on I don’t know if this is X Videos setting up these sites to draw more people in or just a fan of the videos on that site who makes a website to show some of the porn on X Videos.

However, it is very strange that all these sites have the exact same shitty layout and design and that they all link to videos on this site. MILFMovs is such a badly designed website that I don’t know why anyone would go back to it once they get on X Videos. The site is just awful!

The design of MILFMovs

As I said, the design of MILFMovs is terrible. This site looks like someone made it and forgot about it. It would probably take someone about 10 minutes to make this site and they probably forgot about it quicker than that. This is what makes me think X Videos has some part in all of these shitty little websites.

The design of MILFMovs and the others that I have seen are rubbish. They are simply a coloured background with massive thumbnails which link to porn videos. The thumbnails are just a shot from the porn film that doesn’t really show you anything to do with the porn scene and there are no descriptions at all. You can hover over a porn video for a description but on a mobile, you have no hope!

MILFMovs is not a porn site. It is a site with some links to porn on it that must only exist because X Videos wanted to get some attention to their site. However, these sites are so bad that they will never be seen. I am not even sure how our sexy little editor found this site for me to review to begin with! I am sick of MILFMovs already!

Is MILFMovs affiliated with X Videos?

MILFMovs has to have something to do with X Videos. Nearly every link and every porn video links to that site, so if it doesn’t have anything to do with that site, then the creator of MILFMovs doesn’t have much of an imagination and doesn’t fancy spreading their stealing of porn videos out over a few sites to make it less obvious.

There are some links to other sites at the bottom of MILFMovs that don’t link to X Videos, but, funnily enough, X Videos has the same links on their site. This really frustrates me because this site is so fucking shit that it gives such a bad advert for X Videos. This is what makes me think this site isn’t affiliated with X Videos because who the fuck would want to be affiliated with this piece of shit? If you have actually used MILFMovs for a wank, please let us know. I mean, you can’t actually use MILFMovs for a wank as all the videos just link directly to X Videos. But if you have found MILFMovs in your travels and have used it to link to X Videos for a wank, get in touch. I doubt we’re going to be struggling to cope with your messages on this one!

Additional features for MILFMovs to consider

Everything! If MILFMovs is trying to be an actual porn site, then you have to redo the whole site because it’s awful. The design is as dated as some of the matures on the site, the layout is embarrassing and there are hardly any porn videos on the site. To make this site work as a proper site, you need to go and visit a few other sites, perhaps X Videos, for example, see what they are doing and copy it. If you are a fan of X Video and this is just a fansite, then you doing X Video a disservice with this site, it’s terrible. It looks like the drawing X Video would put on their fridge from their retarded child!

If this site is some way affiliated with X Videos, then what’s the point in trying to make it better? They clearly didn’t give a fuck about this site when they made it, so why would they care about improving it now?

The Geeks final thoughts on MILFMovs

MILFMovs is a terrible site. There is no actual porn on this site, just shitty thumbnails that offer no clue to the porn that the thumbnail links to. I am currently looking at a thumbnail of a Japanese lady pointing a gun at a guys cock, what the fuck is that about? I mean, this site is just a joke, it has to be. There is no way that anyone took MILFMovs seriously when they made it, and if they did, then they are fucking cunts.

Do not go on MILFMovs, go and find a better site, your cock or pussy deserves better than this site! In fact, we have loads of reviews of good porn sites on here, click on literally any site on here and you’ll have a much better time. Your cock and pussy will run screaming from this site and you can’t blame them. I wouldn’t piss on this site if it was on fire. I would sit back and wank my little soldier in celebration that I never have to witness this shitty site ever again!

Review Pros
  • Good collection of porn
  • Lots of MILFs
Review Cons
  • Really bad design
  • Not much content
  • Some bad videos