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The Horror Porn adventure

It’s often the case that Mr. Porn Geek comes across adult websites that are, shall we say, relatively typical of the online world. Take tube sites for instance: they’re pretty much all the same, and you only find minute differences between what each one offers. The same applies to webcam platforms, which basically offer similar products with just a few tweaks and alterations compared to one another. Today though, I’m looking at something completely unique – at least in the content department. It goes by the name of Horror Porn and I’m going to do my best to explain below why I think you’ll like this place if you decide to go pay a visit.

Horror Porn’s content explained

There are BDSM websites out there that have weird and freaky themes, but none of them come close to what Horror Porn offers. Videos here take the concept of nightmares and make them X-rated. What do I mean? Well, some recent videos have featured dentists with demonic masks abusing patients in makeshift theatres, a feral woman in a cage being fucked in exchange for raw meat and perhaps the most insane concept of them all, a Roswell UFO remake where the alien gets fucked by one of scientists. In terms of outlandish ideas and pushing the boundaries of what you expect to find in adult entertainment, HorrorPorn.com really does dial it up to eleven. I’m also inclined to argue that the content here is almost unique in its extremity – if you know of a comparable destination, please let me know.

Additional value created by Horror Porn

I want to also touch on the fact that while the ideas here are interesting and uncommon, the execution is what really makes Horror Porn a destination worth checking out. In terms of production value, the folks behind the clips go above and beyond: they pull out all the stops and get the scenes just right so that it feels as genuine as possible. It’s obvious to me that this is the result of hard work from professionals: it’s pretty amazing how they pay such great attention to detail throughout all of the scenes – it can’t be cheap to make this type of horrific pornography.

Now while I feel that Horror Porn is good subjectively, we can also do an objective test as a way to consider what’s on offer. In this regard, Horror Porn really does fly with passing colors: all scenes are available in full 4K quality, with additional download options offered for those who just want a standard HD experience. I tested the download servers and was pleased to see that they capped out my connection at just over 15 MB/s as well: if you’ve got the bandwidth to handle grabbing material from this website, you’ll be in for a world of pleasure.

My final thoughts on Horror Porn

Look, I was going to spend a bit longer looking at the content and going into detail about why I think it’s great, but honestly? It’s better if you just go and look for yourself. There are plenty of free trailers available at the tour and they give a good look at the type of smut you’ll find inside. For your average vanilla sex video addict, I’m not convinced this is a great place to get your daily dose of jerking material. But if you find yourself wanting something more nightmarish and demonic, certainly consider checking out Horror Porn and consider grabbing a membership: I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Review Pros

  • 4K quality content
  • Unique site idea
  • Fast downloads

Review Cons

  • Have to pay
  • No bonus sites