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Checking out GoldGay

GoldGay is a gay porn tube site full of full-length and HD gay porn scenes that are well worth a watch. These men know how to have a good time, if your meaning of a good time is a taking a massive cock firmly up your ass. The lads in the porn films on this site are excellent, and I am sure you will have seen their sexy work on many porn sites as most of the men featured on GoldGay are gay pornstars, either from the past or present. However, is this is the perfect site to watch their porn offerings on? Well, dear reader, we won’t know unless we dive deep into the ass of this site and see what is going on. So, let’s get the fuck on with this review of GoldGay, shall we?

The porn on GoldGay

The porn on GoldGay, as I said, features some of the top talent from the gay porn world. However, it also features some gay pornstar that you may not be familiar with and, of course, like any gay porn tube site, GoldGay also has a healthy dose of amateur porn on it too! A lot of the porn scenes on this site are full-length and in HD. Others are a little shorter, but for the most part, you can click on a porn video and watch at least 19 minutes of cock-hardening action! I can’t complain about the porn offering on this site at all. Well, maybe I can, let’s go to the next section and see, shall we?

The broken links on GoldGay

During my exploration of GoldGay for this review, I did stumble upon a single porn video that had a link to another porn site rather than to the page of GoldGay that would play the video for me. I’m not sure whether this was a bloody oversight by GoldGay or whether they borrowed the porn video from this other porn site and then they took it down, or it was just a cleverly hidden ad. Thankfully, this crap only happened once during my look around GoldGay, so I doubt it is a huge issue. However, this broken porn video was on the homepage of GoldGay so if this site is increasing this way of doing shit, expect more and more videos to be broken on GoldGay soon!

The Geek’s final thoughts on GoldGay

I hope that this site doesn’t start doing the linking to other porn sites thing. I really liked this site, and I think that it has great potential. I think that the design of GoldGay is really nice, the layout of the porn is good, and all of the scenes I watched were awesome. I am slightly concerned about the number of fucking ads I saw on GoldGay, but bitches gotta make money I guess! Overall, GoldGay is a fine site that you should check out.

Review Pros
  • Lots of categories
  • Full-length scenes
  • Lots of HD porn
Review Cons
  • Some broken links
  • Loads of ads