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Greetings fellow porn lovers, Mr. Porn Geek is back at full throttle. I’ve been busy exploring new stuff you guy suggested and after weeks of testing, I am ready to present one of the gems of the weird and kinky porn world; I’ve gotta say, looking a few years back, I hardly remember seeing a site that is more cleaver that Ass’O’Ass. Starting from the name itself, it’s a nice wordplay on the famous SOS naval call for help. So, when you need good porn, just assoass (SOS) the stuff you are looking for and you will be saved. Nice little detail to kick things off. layout and first impressions

The thing you will notice right away is that this is not your run of the mill tube site. People behind it took a different approach and I can honestly say, it was the right call. It’s often risky to deviate from industry standards, but when someone does it and with this much success, it really is a breath of fresh air. The main page is populated with most popular categories and accompanied with appropriate thumbs. This means that you can jump straight into the “seek and destroy” mode. There are hundreds of categories you can explore and they are easily accessible through the main page. Also, there is a feature that I found annoying the first time I clicked on any of these thumbnails. Picking a category from the main page will open the link in a new browser window. But that actually makes perfect sense. It’s so counterintuitive and no one thought of it, but the developers behind Ass O Ass did and it’s a feature that I now wish every other site would implement.

Functionality and navigation

The main page is your starting point for any search. There is the categories grid, there are neat filtering functions that you can use to customize that grid, and there is also Mr. Porn Geek’s favorite tool; an omnipotent search bar. So, whatever your search habits are, supports them right from the start. The reason this is even mentioned is simple; I noticed that the times it takes me to get to search results relevant to my query are significantly lower compared to other porn search engines. The site simply loads so much faster and it is very well optimized for PC and mobile platforms alike.

The other thing worth addressing in this segment is the quality of search results. Tube sitesĀ  like assoass use titles, meta descriptions, and tags to categorize their videos. It’s a common system most engines are using, but most of the sites have content irrelevant to the search term scattered in the results page. This is a result of either poor optimization or paid advertising. AssOAss is different though. Every search query results in a highly accurate results page. Through hundreds of searches I performed testing out this system, the hit rate was incredible. This is quite remarkable considering the fact that there are no ads on the site… at all. porn search engine with no ads

That feature deserves a title on its own. Most porn tube sites these days rely on ad revenue to keep them alive and afloat., fortunately, is not one of those and they provide amazing functionality without pesky and annoying ads. You do however have to recognize that they don’t host any of the content themselves, they just provide you with the links for the videos that you can watch on the original site. But still. managing and maintaining a database as big, and more importantly as accurate and up-to-date as featured on Ass O Ass, a lion tasks to accomplish without annoying visitors and showing ads.

Final thoughts

Without a doubt, is one of the best tube sites Mr. Porn Geek has had the privilege to review and use. It quickly became an essential tool in my daily routine. I use it for both work and pleasure. Yeah, I get the irony here, cause yeah, my work is a pleasure, but you understand what I wanted to say with it. Considering the accuracy of the results, the speed that each search query is conducted with, and the fact that there are no ads on the platform, definitely deserved Mr. Porn Geek’s seal of approval.

Review Pros

  • Incredible search accuracy
  • Cool unique features
  • No ads

Review Cons

  • Not discovering it sooner?