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You've heard of Pornhub, but have you heard of Pornhub Premium? Just when you thought your porn viewing experience couldn't get any better, this world-famous tube comes along and offers something even better! The concept of Pornhub Premium is simple: you sign up and get an advert-free experience with all the HD porn you can handle streaming at full 1080p quality in addition to exclusive VR releases. With a great monthly price available and hot content from sites like Reality Kings and Brazzers, it's hard to go wrong with Mr. Porn Geek's discount deal to Pornhub Premium!

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Pornhub Premium Discount

- Full Detailed Review by Mr. Porn Geek
  • About Pornhub Premium

    You have likely heard of PornHub. Along with YouPorn (owned by the same company), it’s one of the premier free porn websites online, playing host to millions of visitors each and every month.

    It looks as if it’s the Canadians which always come up with the best ideas in the world of porn. PornHub got started back in Montreal in March 2007. It went from strength to strength pretty quickly, and at the time of writing, it boasts more porn videos than any other website online, and that number is only climbing.

    PornHub got started as a free porn website, and it still offers that today. Mr. Porn Geek has no doubt that you have whacked your cock a couple of times at the porn available at PornHub. However, one day, the team at PornHub turned around and said they wanted something ‘better’, and PornHub Premium was born.

    PornHubPremium is an addition to the free porn part of the site. The team at PornHub have got together with some of the biggest porn studios in the world and started to create new and exclusive content which can only be found through PornHub Premium. That’s right; you won’t be able to find it anywhere else online. You won’t even be able to find most of it on the main website. This porn is 100% exclusive to your membership.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to ditch the free part of the website. In fact, a key part of your premium subscription will be access to the thousands upon thousands of free videos on the website. The difference to before? Well, when you access them, you won’t need to worry about any adverts. It is an ad-free experience with full-length HD adult movies.

    You’ll enjoy the same features that PornHub is known for too. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy curated playlists of content that are designed especially for you. This also means that browsing through the 10,000+ full HD videos with your PornHub Premium subscription will be easy. The system will learn exactly what you love, and it’s going to give it all to you. You won’t ever need another premium porn website once you have signed up to PornHubPremium.

  • Content Amount

    There are over 10,000 full HD videos that can be found on PornHub Premium. This includes some amazing VR videos which, as we all know, is without a doubt one of the best ways to view porn online. You’ll need a VR headset, but it’s really going to feel like you are having a hot slut suck your dick or fuck you.

    There are new videos being added to PornHub Premium regularly, although it is tough to predict what will be added and when. This is no doubt down to the studios providing the content on an ad-hoc basis. Not that much of an issue, really. Since you have over 10,000+ HD videos to browse through on the site, you probably won’t care if they never added a single piece of content again. There is just far, far too much to enjoy on the website already.

  • Video Quality

    All the videos that you find behind the PornHub Premium paywall are full HD videos. This means that you are going to be enjoying some of the best hardcore and softcore adult videos.

  • Exclusivity

    There are 10,000+ full HD videos on PornHub Premium. They are 100% exclusive to this membership. While they have been produced by huge studios such as Brazzers, reality kings & MOFOs + many more, you’ll struggle to be able to find them on the site of the big studios. Mr. Porn Geek has no doubt that this is an advertising venture for these porn companies in a bid to drive traffic to their own websites but, honestly, that doesn’t matter too much. There is enough content here that you will only ever need to browse PornHub Premium. You won’t need a subscription anywhere else.

  • What You'll Get

    You will have access to the main PornHubPremium website. This will be a completely ad-free experience. However, the main reason you want to be heading to PornHub Premium is for the 10,000+ full HD videos that you get with your subscription. All of these are going to be no more than a click away. Remember; even though these videos come from some of the biggest porn studios in the world, the mass majority of them are exclusive to this subscription.

    Through Mr. Porn Geek, you’ll be able to enjoy a full 7-day membership to PornHub Premium with this coupon. This is completely free of charge. When the subscription renews, you will be charged just $9.99 per month, which makes it one of the most affordable premium porn subscriptions you’ll ever find online.

  • Fine Print

    You will need to supply your credit card details in order to take advantage of this offer. Remember; PornHub Premium is only a 7-day trial. This means that if you do not cancel within the 7-days, then you will have your card charged for a full 30-day subscription. Not a huge issue, since you are going to love their premium section anyway, after all, it’s just only $9,99 for the full 30 days anyway.

  • Downsides

    Perhaps the biggest downside to PornHub Premium is not actually a downside at all. This is simply the fact that it is tough to predict when new videos are added to the subscription. However, since there are going to be thousands and thousands of HD videos on the site already, this is probably not going to be that much of a problem for you.

  • Conclusion

    There is a reason why PornHub has long been regarded as one of the biggest porn companies in the world, and now it’s going to get a whole lot better for you. Sign up to today and take advantage of this PornHub Premium Discount by clicking the big green button below, and not only are you going to enjoy the main website as a completely ad-free experience, but you are going to enjoy over tons of XXX videos that you won’t find anywhere else too.


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