Sugar Daddy Dating Sites

What’s this sugar daddy thing all about?

Since your boy MrPornGeek is here, let me shed a few lights on this topic. You might not have heard of sugar daddies before, but basically: they’re dudes that have relationships with women where, instead of attracting them with their good looks, charm and so on, they attract them financially. At the end of the day, most relationships are based upon a guy sacrificing himself for the girl, so I guess it’s just as well that some couples are honest about the nature of their arrangement. Sugar daddies typically give a fixed allowance to their sugar babies and buy them regular gifts. In exchange, the girls are a lot more forgiving and relaxed than compared to normal partners. It’s not typically a committed relationship, but for some it is.

Are sugar daddies or sugar babies more in demand?

From my time researching, sugar babies tend to outscale their sugar daddy counterparts by a ratio of 4:1. That means that for every sugar daddy, there are four sugar babies that are looking for a financially dependable man. This is not so common in the dating world where in most cases, men are much more in supply than the ladies are. Put simply, if you’re a guy and you consider yourself to be interested in a sugar daddy position, you’ll have plenty of women to choose from on the other side. This makes competition quite high, so the girls are going to try real hard to make sure they’re giving it their all.

Are these sites expensive to use?

No, they’re not: but if you’re worried about paying a little bit of cash in order to join a sugar daddy network, chances are you’re not ready to be a sugar daddy. Different sites have different pricing structures, but most are less than $40 per month to access. Hell, some platforms will even let you stay for free if you’re rich enough – after all, the babies are the ones bringing in the cash as they compete against one another for your attention. Anyway, I think I’ve discussed everything I can about this whole sugar daddy thing: why not go ahead and check out the reviews I’ve written on the best networks around for sugar baby hunting?