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Websites devoted to adult videos aren’t exactly a new thing and since Mr. Porn Geek launched his review platform many years ago, I’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of great streaming services that offer you XXX movies for no cost whatsoever! Today, I’m going over a new one I’ve stumbled across and for me, this one is of particular note owing to the fact that it’s incredibly simplified and elegant in its design. Sounds stupid, right? Well as far as I’m concerned, many of the bigger tubes are just too cluttered with nonsense. The focus should be on the porn and that’s exactly what they’ve done with XXX Selected.

Landing on the homepage, you’ll find a bunch of popular categories alongside some more niche material, such as lesbian BDSM, beach, blowjob, squirt and double penetration. Pretty much whatever type of smut you enjoy consuming, these guys are bound to have you covered. When you’ve found a category you like, simply click on the preview thumbnail to go through to the video archive. There, you’ll find the full-length clips that you’re after.

Quite an interesting feature of XXX Selected is that they don’t have individual archive pages as such – the site functions more with pop-up stream displays where the background is made significantly darker to help you focus on the content. Videos can actually be saved locally with minimal effort: just right-click on the stream area and click ‘save video as’ to have it download. I should mention that the speeds for downloading aren’t amazing – 1 MB/s – but it’s certainly better than nothing. After all, XXX Selected does provide you with completely free adult content: you can’t do much better than that.

For me, XXX Selected is worth paying a visit to because it’s minimal in its design, has a lot of curated, top-tier quality content and is completely free of charge to use. Those combined factors are well worth paying attention to and I think anyone who wants a good quality tube will feel right at home with this particular site. Check it out for yourself and see just how convenient these XXX porn clips are to access – it’s magical stuff!

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  • Thousands of videos
  • Clean design
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  • Nothing