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WetChan describes itself as “a simple image board where anyone can share pictures and post comments”, so it’s pretty much like any other image board, right? Well it is, but the main focus here is on teens. Be it amateur or professional, they like young girls that know how to have a good time on camera. What’s crazy is that WetChan.org does all of this with just two sub-boards, amateur and models. There are download and a request area too, but I think most of you guys will be using the first two.

Currently, the amateur area on WetChan contains 18,000 posts, which are a combination of self-submitted material and semi-public material, such as selfies by Ariel Rebel and the like. The ‘models’ section has around 15,000 posts and covers plenty of world-famous babes, as well as some more unknown professional naked chicks. There’s very little hardcore content here, but it does appear from time to time. I’d say that out of all the image boards I’ve reviewed, this is the one that has the biggest focus on enjoying feminine beauty. It may not have a huge number of posts, but it’s still worth checking out.

Review Pros

  • Focused on porn
  • Very little spam

Review Cons

  • No hardcore content
  • Smaller than other sites