Wealthy Men Review

Wealthy Men

Let’s be honest: women care about the size of your wallet more than the size of your dick, which is why places like Wealthy Men have succeeded over the last few years. The concept here is simple: successful dudes with a lot of cash, verified identities and no relationship commitments create profiles and ladies interested in that kind of man (which is 99% of them!) can sign up and show what they’re able to bring to the table. Whether you’re a loaded dude or a chick looking for one, it goes without saying that Wealthy Men is the go-to destination for your desires.

The signup procedure can be a little complicated here for men, simply because there’s an additional verification step required to ensure you are who you say you are – but for ladies, it’s a lot less difficult to get on in. Once you are verified as a guy, the site itself becomes pretty self-explanatory. You can navigate profiles based on preferences, such as age, location, body type and more. Wealthy Men is practically a sugar daddy hub for rich dudes to buy their partners pretty stuff every so often in exchange for being good girls. I personally think that the whole sugar daddy thing is fine: it’s a lot better that both parties know what’s going on than one being deceitful, that’s for sure.

I can see the appeal for both guys and girls to use this site: we know that having a good job is an important aspect of a man’s life, so making it the focal point of your dating experience isn’t all that extreme. Should you be a sugar daddy or hoping to find one, be sure to consider Wealthy Men as a potential dating platform to join.

Review Pros

  • Verified profiles
  • Large community
  • 24/7 customer service

Review Cons

  • Rich dudes only
  • Some ugly chicks