VR Jenny Review

VR Jenny

Virtual Reality is kicking off big time in the world of adult entertainment and while I don’t have a dedicated device for it, I have managed to configure my phone with this holder I got off of eBay so I can test the content out there. Today, this time I’m going to be giving you a brief rundown on what VR Porn Gaming looks like on vrjenny.com. Most of the mobile VR games on vrjenny.com are developed with U3D, They use UE4, which gives them better quality and effectiveness.

Although UE4 is very high on most mobile phones, VR Jenny seems like they believe that the future of mobile phones for VR will be getting better and better, and the good quality and effectiveness will become the mainstay. Being able to use Gear VR seems to be there advantage. From spending a lot of time shopping around for VR Porn Games, it seems there are “currently” no other porn games that can use GearVR. Another thing also, they have a Google Cardboard version and Android phone version too. It’s definitely worth checking it out.

Review Pros

  • Hot content
  • Great VR games

Review Cons

  • Design could be better
  • Limited number of games