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Velamma – home of Indian porn comics

There are plenty of people out there who are more than willing to take any porn comics that they can get, but did you know that some websites are so damn focused these days on one particular type of erotic cartoon? I’m going to be talking about a place called Velamma in this piece – a hub of pornography that is entirely devoted to Indian sex comics. That’s right: if you’re someone who wants Hindi nudity and Desi babes, I think you’re going to feel right at home here. I do want to give this place the full Mr. Porn Geek rundown though, so if you’d like to know more, continue reading and Mr. Porn Geek will tell you all that he found over at!

First impressions at Velamma

When visiting the homepage of this particular website, you’ll be presented with a pretty large banner at the top of the page that operates as a slider of sorts for anyone who’s keen to see some previews of the cartoon porn they’re about to get access to. Further down the page, Velamma offers you the ability to look at the most recent uploads – note that this is content all from a single source – this isn’t just a generic hub for Indian porn comics. Turns out that there are currently 96 productions on Velamma as of June 2019, although my guess is that before 2020, a total of 100 releases will be available here. What’s quite nice is that each and every release has a large meta area where you’ll find a preview thumbnail, post title, date and the best part – a written description of what goes on in each strip. I went all the way back to the very first comic of Velamma: it was posted in January of 2011. This means that the operation and artist has been going on for over 8 years now: talk about commitment to a project!

Who is Velamma?

According to the small biography of this babe, Mrs. Velamma Lakshmi, or Vela for short, is an allegedly loving and innocent South Indian Aunty. Note that ‘aunty’ when it comes to Indian references just means that a woman who is sufficiently mature: basically a MILF by Western standards. She’s always running into crazy sexual situations and enjoys both straight as well as lesbian sex: it’s great stuff if you want to see a Hindi chick go a little against what her culture represents! Over the course of the entire series, Vela has sucked off two pilots at the same time, taught a younger white woman how to take cock and been pounded senseless by a horny doctor.

I think it’s worth mentioning that in a lot of the comic book strips, Velamma starts off dressed up in traditional Indian outfits, although there have been times when she’s influenced more by what Western women would wear. She’s pretty thick in the grand scheme of things – this isn’t going to be a comic book series enjoyed by those who only enjoy skinny bitches. Chubby chasers with a particular penchant for Indian girls will do just fine here though: Velamma ticks all of the boxes in that regard. Perhaps Vela’s best features are those amazing tits: she’s got a rocking pair of huge knockers that will remind every man on the planet just how much they love a good set of boobies.

Accessing the content at Velamma

I do just want to state for the record that Velamma doesn’t offer you completely free and unrestricted access to the content archive – you’ll have to subscribe if you want the full library of material here available at your fingertips. The subscription prices are pretty steep too: access for one month is just $24.95, which feels a little on the high side if you ask me. Still, you can cancel at any time and the comics are available on both English and Hindi, plus you get full-resolution material that looks great on a 1080p monitor. A premium account at Velamma also comes with 13 episodes of Veena and 15 episodes of Velamma Dreams – these are slightly different publications but yeah – they’re focusing on the same niche.

If you’re unsure whether or not premium access to the archive at Velamma is worth it, you might want to take a look at the free content available here. There are 6 downloads in total, although they come from several years ago, so you may find that the more recent releases at Velamma are a hell of a lot better in terms of artwork, language and general polish. I must say that the reader for this website is fantastic – it goes full-screen and has a rolling list of thumbnail images at the bottom, plus you can navigate just using the left and right buttons on your keyboard. They’ve even got a slideshow if you’re one particularly dirty boy that wants to watch all of the material completely hands free. You know what I’m talking about here, right? Okay, I’ll spell it out: this is good because it means you can jerk your cock off to Indian porn cartoons without having to go back and forth between your shaft and the mouse.

Keeping up to date with Velamma

Velamma has a Telegram channel that you can access (I use Telegram myself, fantastic program!) as well as a Twitter account that currently has close to 9,000 followers. I couldn’t find official channels on Reddit or Patreon – seems like this artist is only interested in earning cash from their website monthly subscriptions. I think a Discord channel would probably be a wise idea, but I’m not going to complain too much that they don’t have one: it would be awfully specific.

Final thoughts on Velamma

Here’s my pitch to you: go ahead and venture off to the free content section that I linked earlier. If you like the artwork, the sexy aunty featured and want to see more of her in action, grab a month-to-month account and play it by ear. Since you can download content once inside, it might be an idea to sign up for just a month and then wait a while before going back for more recent releases. On the whole, Mr. Porn Geek would rate this as a highly niche – but decently developed – series with lots of great things going for it. Certainly one of the better premium Indian cartoon websites, that’s for sure!

Review Pros
  • Great artwork
  • Original pieces
  • Gorgeous slideshow
Review Cons
  • Have to pay
  • Slow to update