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XFuukaX Premium Snapchat: Mr. Porn Geek’s review

Who is XFuukaX? She’s a camgirl who’s mostly known for her work on the hit website My Free Cams, but today, I’m not going to be looking at her live webcam performances. Instead, I’m going to cover how you can follow XFuukaX on Snapchat and why you might want to go about doing that. I’ve always had a great time seeing this girl in action whenever she’s streaming, so I’m really excited to get a first-hand look at how she gets down and dirty in front of the lens of her phone! Continue reading and Mr. Porn Geek will give you his professional and expert analysis of XFuukaX when she’s on Snapchat.

One Snapchat to rule them all: XFuukaX

You might have realized that a lot of the Snapchat girls Mr. Porn Geek covers actually have both a public and private account – sadly, that’s not the case when it comes to XFuukaX. Her flat rate is pretty competitive for the premium side of the equation, but if you were hoping for a little sample via a public account, that’s simply not going to happen. See, this leggy camgirl knows what she’s worth and isn’t about to give it away for free! The good is – like I said – following the private Snapchat of XFuukaX is quite competitive in terms of pricing. It’s currently under 10 bucks a month, which is more than acceptable given how active she is! I’d like to see her maybe consider a public account at some point – just for her own benefit – but yeah, sorry for anyone who was hoping for a free Snapchat link: you’re not going to get it here!

What you find on XFuukaX’s Snapchat

Now in terms of content, what is it that XFuukaX does better than the rest? Well for a start, I want to point out that being a nerdy, busty babe with a very librarian vibe is going to make a lot of men incredibly horny. She’s slightly thicker than your average camgirl, but it’s in all the right places – something Mr. Porn Geek is very happy about. As for what you’ll find when you follow her: it’s a lot of teasing selfies, nude images and in some instances, lesbian interactions. I don’t know if XFuukaX is actually a lesbian or bisexual or whatever, but if you give her some ladies to share her pussy and ass with, she’s game as fuck. Hell, just a few weeks ago she had two other women join her in her bedroom for some Hitachi fun and games. She’s very much into eating ass and having her ass ate too: not that I’m going to complain about that!

XFuukaX also does some crazy stuff on Snapchat: such as when she decided to document her making gummy bears that were made out of her own squirt. Yup – that’s right – she’s used her bodily fluids in the kitchen before and I think it’s fair to say that any woman who does that is very much serious about being active in the business of sex! I love it when ladies like this bring something new to the table and yeah: that’s exactly that XFuukaX does. I also found that the odd pissing clip and that type of thing was accessible on her Many Vids account – check it out if you’re really into bodily fluids!

My conclusion on XFuukaX at Snapchat

The wild side of XFuukaX is really quite something. I don’t think I’ve found a lesbian quite as enjoyable as her in recent history. That’s fantastic as far as I’m concerned though: there’s a big shortage in the market for content that has come directly from amateur girls who’re all about the clam life. I think that the premium Snapchat of XFuukaX should really sell itself if you’re looking for a lesbian that knows how to squirt. Oh – she’ll also let you know when she’s about to go on webcam, so if you like checking her out and want a sexy reminder of when the streams start, that’s a great way to go about getting the information. Anyway folks: Mr. Porn Geek is done here. Cheers for reading and happy squeezing!

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  • Great content
  • Hot lesbian
  • Active camgirl
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  • No free option
  • No hardcore