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Katrina Jade Premium Snapchat: Mr. Porn Geek’s review

What’s going on family? It’s Mr. Porn Geek here and today, I’m bringing you a high IQ review devoted to the very best a man can get: the Katrina Jade Snapchat account! I’ve been following this honey for the last month on the platform and I’m really happy to be able to talk about exactly what she brings to the table and why I think she’s a great, go-to source for adult content. You’ve probably seen this minx before in porn – she’s got a tattoo of the word ‘slut’ on her ass! She’s also addicted to hardcore fucking and sucking, which you’ll see plenty of on her premium Snapchat profile. Anyway, let’s discuss the nitty gritty here: I want you to know all about Katrina Jade and her wild adventures!

Two options for Snapchat with Katrina Jade

So the first thing I want to mention is the fact that Katrina Jade operates both a public and private Snapchat account. The former is perfect if you’re the type of person who really enjoys getting things completely free of charge – she posts content on a semi-regular basis and you can join this very instant if you so desire. While that’s all well and good, I think that the best of what Katrina Jade has to offer is available on her premium Snapchat profile, which costs $20 a month in order to access. This is a pretty high price but honestly, the content you get in exchange is more than worth it. For your convenience, Mr. Porn Geek has provided links to both the private and public account – click the button on this page and you’ll get all of the details you need! I will just be focusing on the material she shares with her premium Snapchat followers though, since I’m all about the best of the best.

Content from Katrina Jade on Snapchat

So the first thing to mention here is that Katrina Jade is an absolute sex addict and has so much content that she shares with people. We’re talking the finest lewd selfies before she goes to bed, the wildest masturbation scenes as she fucks herself silly and yes: hardcore fucking whenever there’s a cock around that she’s interested in pleasuring. You’ll find that there are regular streams here – sometimes 7 a week – that will also give you an exclusive look into the sex life of Katrina Jade. What Mr. Porn Geek really loves is that she also has plenty of lesbian experiences documented – girl on girl is a passion of Katrina Jade and whether it’s a cock or a pussy she has to pleasure, your girl will do it all with very little issue. It’s fantastic for those who’re seriously interested in amateur material too, since everything has been captured using her mobile phone as and when it happens – hot stuff if you ask me!

Now the best part of the premium Snapchat profile that belongs to Katrina Jade is her interaction. You can send this minx all of the content you want – this includes tributes and dick pictures if that’s the type of thing you enjoy. She also exchanges personal nudes from time to time: you could have yourself a unique and exclusive XXX image of Katrina Jade that no one else on Snapchat has ever seen! I should also mention that you can screenshot anything you come across if you so desire: Katrina Jade knows that people are busy and may want to save the best bits for later jerking sessions, so feel free to grab whatever you want for a later session of jerking off!

My final thoughts on Katrina Jade’s Premium Snapchat profile

The cost of accessing Katrina Jade’s private feed on Snapchat is a little expensive, but it’s obvious to me that this girl loves nothing more than showing herself off to the world. Her body is fantastic and she’s pretty much an expert when it comes to getting nude in front of the camera phone she’s got. Honestly, this is one Snapchat profile that I think a lot of people should consider signing up for. Hell, even the free account is pretty damn amazing and once you get inside, I think you’re likely to want to cough up the cash for a full experience! Bottom line: Mr. Porn Geek endorses the private Snapchat owned and operated by the sex addicted Katrina Jade.

Review Pros
  • Super sexy slut
  • Loves fucking
  • Regular daily shows
Review Cons
  • Not cheap