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Sexy Massage Oil

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The best massage porn on Sexy Massage Oil?

Well, that’s what SexyMassageOil is claiming. This site is claiming that they have the best massage porn in the world on, and I must say that I am leaning on the idea of agreeing with them. I mean, Sexy Massage Oil does have the same massage porn as every other porn site in the world, but this is the best massage porn in the world. So, even though SexyMassageOil is not original in any way at all, and they don’t have much porn at all, I will agree that their claim to having the best massage porn in the world is nearly valid.

The design of Sexy Massage Oil

SexyMassageOil is a nice design. It looks really modern and feels really nice to use. However, there is a danger with this porn site’s design. You see, it is a damn basic design for a site. I think that if you visit a lot of porn sites, you may merge the design of Sexy Massage Oil into another porn site and then forget about this site. Just like the massage porn on SexyMassageOil, the design too is pretty generic.

The features I liked about Sexy Massage Oil

One of the best things about SexyMassageOil is that they have a fuck load of categories. This sounds weird from a massage-exclusive site, I know, but that’s exactly why I like it. Sexy Massage Oil could have easily just put a bunch of massage porn videos up and then forgot about this site, but they went a lovely little touch further. SexyMassageOil created an impressively large categories list for all of their massage porn. So if you are a massage porn enthusiast, you’ll fucking love the filter options on this site. Okay, there are only eight categories on this site, which is pretty shit, but this site only has a handful of porn on it, so what did you expect?

The Geek’s final thoughts on Sexy Massage Oil

SexyMassageOil is a pretty good site. Even though there is a lack of porn, the porn on this site looks like it is HD, every porn video has worked, and most of the porn videos are long enough to wank to. However, Sexy Massage Oil needs to be cautious. The last thing a site wants to do is to look like another site, and this site is very generic. The design is great, but it is lacking personality. If I were behind Sexy Massage Oil, I would make the design pop a little more and give this site its own identity. If SexyMassageOil leaves this site the way it is, it may get hidden in the shuffle of other porn sites.

So, while I enjoyed my time on SexyMassageOil and the videos they have on offer, I do think that it will be hard to remember this site in the future. They aren’t offering any original porn, and they barely have any porn videos either, right now. Plus, the site looks the same as shit loads of others. A camouflaging design could be the death of Sexy Massage Oil.

Review Pros
  • Nice design
  • HD porn
  • Nice features
Review Cons
  • Not much full-length porn
  • Not much porn