Sexy And Funny Review

Sexy And Funny

Sexy And Funny is a pretty big site devoted to porn of all different types, but I’m here today to talk about the forums specifically. Since they began, the forums over at have managed to collect 2.5 million posts, 600,000 members and around 158,000 forum threads, spread across a number of different niches and sub-forums. I should note that while there is some porn and the like here, it’s actually a lot more casual and friendly than that – rest assured that there are probably many better places to go if you just want to find something to jerk your meat to.

The biggest sub-forum is called Purple Money Dishwasher and it seems as if it’s just a mixture of all weird stuff. There’s even one ‘counting’ thread there that has over 110,000 posts – probably not the best type of content, alongside the ‘last person to post in this thread wins’, which currently has just under 100,000 posts. I guess if you’re a fan of Sexy And Funny, this forum is pretty good to visit, but if you just want to get your hands on some porn, other sites are likely better suited to your desires.

Review Pros

  • Lots of posts
  • Regular updates
  • Well moderated

Review Cons

  • Not much porn
  • Design could be better