Sex TV X Review

Sex TV X

Sex TV X is all about porn – the name should probably give that away! When you hit the homepage, you’ll see what looks like a pretty beaten up archive of videos with monster thumbnails showing you what’s going on in the video. I recommend at this point that get used to it – this is how it’s going to be all the way through the site! Anyway, you can choose to scroll down directly through the scenes or instead, use the navigation options provided to visit the HD video area or the latest uploads. You’ve also got category pages as well as model profiles – not a bad mix to be honest.

When you find the scene that you’re looking to jerk your meat off to, click on the preview thumbnail and you’ll be transported to a streaming page that has the scene waiting for you. The clips have an ‘about’ area, as well as the ability download the video if you become a member to the site. Sex TV X has a nice collection of videos and some are in HD too – that’s a major selling point and as far as I can see, this is one of the better tubes on the Internet right now.

Review Pros

  • Regular updates
  • Top rated area
  • Can download scenes

Review Cons

  • Average length videos
  • Need account to download