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It turns out that celebrities have a lot more in common with pornstars than you think, at least based on the evidence on display at SexTaped. They’re hotter than hell, they absolutely love to orgasm, and they possess some serious skills in the sexual arts. Thanks to the advent of smartphones we all get to watch these famous, talented babes behave very badly on this site, which houses a massive collection of videos and pictures featuring these girls embarking on all sorts of sexy adventures.

How could you not get it up while watching a smoking hot celeb (like Abigail Spencer) masturbate in a video originally intended for her boyfriend? Thanks to the wondrous hackers that made the Fappening happen, we get to enjoy 13 minutes of masturbation from that beauty, and there are plenty of others where that came from. All the lusty sex tapes you’ve heard about are here, and there are tons you’ve yet to discover. They’ve got the full versions of pseudo-sex tapes too, like Farrah Abraham getting fucked up the ass for money. Let’s all raise our dicks in celebration of these slutty celebs and their lust for fame, money, and orgasm as we watch all these hot sex tapes.

Review Pros

  • Tons of nude celebs
  • Clean design
  • Easy to navigate

Review Cons

  • Owner bench presses 200k :-0