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Mr. Porn Geek usually likes to be a little mocking toward most weird or alternative sexual practices, but I think it’s reasonable to be fair when it comes to Real Dolls. I watched a documentary a few nights ago about guys that buy these products and started to understand why it was appealing to them. Believe me, I’ve got a pretty high-maintenance girlfriend who over the last year has cost me a lot more than one of these dolls. From what I’ve heard, the sex that these dolls offer is pretty damn good too. Although I also understand that Real Dolls are not entirely about erotic encounters.

Anyway, if you were thinking about getting a Real Doll, you should know that the prices of these products are quite high. A base model is going to set up you back over $5,000, with options and extras certainly raising the price quite a heap. Recently, has also been putting out male versions for girls that want a supermodel husband in plastic form. This is certainly a niche product and not for everyone, but if you can afford it and have your reasons, Real Doll is pretty much the king of sex and love dolls.

Review Pros

  • Unique product
  • High quality finish

Review Cons

  • Very expensive
  • Dated site design