Rachel Cum Lover Review

Rachel Cum Lover

Rachel Cum Lover is a blog devoted to one 28 year-old slut that lives for cum. She describes herself as a "depraved cumslut and proud supporter of the free use act". Put simply, if you're looking for a blog that is devoted to girls enjoying cock, getting fucked hard and basically worshipping the submissiveness of whores that dream of being treated like pieces of meat that exist for your exclusive pleasure. A lot of Rachel's posts are actually those text-based roleplay fantasy scenes, where someone comes up with an explanation for a hardcore sex video or GIF and convinces you they're related. Interesting niche that's pretty unique to Tumblr, to be honest.

Anyway, Rachel's Cum Cavern - as she calls it - isn't the biggest destination around, but hopefully after getting shared on Mr. Porn Geek, she becomes quite popular on Tumblr. If you want to destroy this cum slut and let her know that she only exists to service men and their cocks, head on over and do exactly that - she'll absolutely love it.

Review Pros

  • Great niche
  • Lots of content

Review Cons

  • Relatively small
  • Ugly design