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My time at Panda Movies

Hello everyone – it’s your resident smut expert here and this afternoon, I’m going to be writing up a little review on a place known as Panda Movies. I actually looked at this destination a few years ago as one of the first places to add to my Mr. Porn Geek review collection, but today I’m going to be coming back for a deeper, longer look at what’s on offer. How much has Panda Movies changed since I last came here? Does it still have lots of great adult DVD content for visitors to enjoy? These questions will be answered – as well as many more – further down in my full review. Want to know more about Panda Movies? Then continue on and I’ll let you know what’s what when it comes to this site!

The homepage of Panda Movies

When landing on the homepage at Panda Movies, you’ll be presented immediately with content that you can take a look at. We’re talking full-length DVDs here: the main purpose of the website. The top section of the site is for featured releases, which I imagine are the higher quality productions on the site. Further down you’ve got a place for the latest releases if you’re hunting for fresh flicks, with a small additional content area available at the bottom if you just want generic porn clips and not full-length DVDs. In terms of navigation, Panda Movies offers a few choice links at the top of the page with the breakdowns being the most important to look at. What do I mean by breakdowns? The organizational structure – let me explain.

If you only want content from one studio, Panda Movies allows you to filter out anything not associated with that particular production source. For instance, lovers of Reality Kings smut can get their hands on material from that studio by looking at the Reality Kings DVD section on Panda Movies. There are similar locations for smut that has been produced by many other studios, including the likes of Evil Angel, Wicked Pictures and Brazzers. Furthermore, you can select content based on year, spanning all the way from 2005 to the present day. That’s over a dozen years of smut in their archive – not bad if you ask me! I like websites with a lot of content, so Panda Movies is really selling itself to me at the moment.

Categorization on Panda Movies

Alongside the breakdowns from studios and years, genres of content are also available if you’re looking for something of a specific nature. There are around 100 different niches to pick from – some pretty popular, others more obscure. You’ve got your classics here at Panda Movies such as Asian, celebrity, group sex and teens if those particular categories float your boat, but more specialized interests such as voyeurism, Indian, public sex and pregnancy are also covered. Put simply, unless you’ve got an extreme fetish, chances are that there are DVDs here at Panda Movies for you to enjoy. So far, so good for the boys over at this DVD hub – I’m loving how easy it is to get the porn that you want! Now, let’s watch some smut to see what that’s like.

Panda Movies and their viewing experience

To sample the experience here of watching porn, I went ahead and selected the latest DVD added to the archive: Take My Anal Virginity 4. Alongside an embed from a third-party, Panda Movies offers you a multitude of mirrors if the original source happens to go down. All scenes here appear to be available in 720p HD streams, although it doesn’t appear as if any of the servers allow you to conveniently download the content directly to your computer. Below the porn DVD you’re watching, you’ll see a meta information area that contains the scene title, models featured, genres explored and studio that the material hails from. It turns out that the pornstar names are able to be clicked on too, so if you want to see more from the same girl, simply select her name and the site will show you everything on the site they’ve featured in.

I ended up trying out 10 DVDs in total – all of them worked just fine and honestly, the general quality here is fantastic. Mr. Porn Geek does want to stress that the smut is coming from world-class production houses though, so you’ve got a bit of variety when it comes to the style of the content that you’re watching and the sex that’s explored. For instance, almost all of the Evil Angel DVDs are focused quite a bit on hardcore anal content with girls being fucked real deep and real hard by hung studs. Stuff from Reality Kings is a little more vanilla and tender – not that the girls still don’t get dicked down good from the RK gang! That’s obviously still the case.

The downsides of Panda Movies

Balancing reviews with negatives is almost always a good idea because no website is perfect. Firstly, Panda Movies does utilize third-party hosting, so you might find 1 or 2 DVDs no longer available because they’re not in control of the servers feeding the movies. The lack of downloading is also a bit of a pain, as is the fact that you can’t easily find the models on the site without jumping through a few hoops. I also noticed that some of the thumbnails here were of a weird resolution and didn’t look right at all – not sure what’s causing that, but yeah – should be fixed so that you can get a good idea of what a DVD is about without it looking all strange.

Panda Movies: my conclusion

Okay gang – I’m pretty much done with my review here and I think I’ve covered all I need to cover. The fact of the matter is that Panda Movies is doing a great job of providing content for lovers of hardcore porn DVDs and since they’re completely free of charge, you don’t have much of a reason to cry about the experience here. A few changes could improve the user’s ability to get access to the porn they want but on the whole, I liked what I saw at Panda Movies and I think you will too. Thanks for reading and yeah – go check out if you want hundreds of authentic adult DVDs from the best studios in the business!

Review Pros

  • Great porn DVDs
  • Free to stream
  • Decent categorization

Review Cons

  • No model profiles
  • No downloads