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Morgana DelRay: Mr. Porn Geek’s review

Hey everyone – Mr. Porn Geek here again and today, I’m bringing you a very special review of a cam performer known as Morgana DelRay. Most of you will know that I review websites typically, but I’ve started a new section here where I look at performers and well, I figured that Morgana would be a great addition to this collection of reviews! I’ve always been a big fan of erotic live streams, so let’s break down what Morgana DelRay brings to the table and why you might want to check her out. So without further ado, let’s get into it and give Morgana DelRay the full Mr. Porn Geek review – I can’t wait!

First impressions from Morgana’s Twitter

I’ve done a few of these reviews already and honestly, I think that the best place to kick off is the Twitter feed of the camgirl in question. You’ll find that @MorganaDelRay is currently sitting on Twitter with 6,000+ followers and has been active there since May of 2015. The last post here was made less than 24 hours ago, so I’m really glad to report that Morgana’s still active in the adult industry. What about the content, though? What Tweets can you expect to find if you follow her? For a start you’ve got sample clips from full-length videos that she sells, retweets of female domination memes and posts about her MMF threesome fantasies. It’s a bit of a mixed bag here and while I’d like to see less retweets from random fans, I understand that interaction with your community is pretty damn important for any camgirl. Overall, not a bad Twitter account – chuck Morgana DelRay a follow and you’ll be improving your feed, that’s for sure.

The Morgana DelRay website

So next up for my review, I decided to venture on over to Morgana’s official website, which you can access at I was pleased to see that HTTPS access is available and overall, the design is clean and tidy. You’ll find a small introduction area that sets the tone for the live performances: Morgana DelRay is appealing to ‘slaves and lonely men’ – the type of guys out there who are hoping to stumble across a dark goddess that knows how to give them everything that they want. It’s quite interesting to see how the tone somewhat flips from Twitter: it gets very dark, very quickly. Morgana DelRay is all about domination and sadism when it comes to her website, so I hope you’re in the mood for that – it’s what you’re going to get.

In the middle of the homepage, Morgana DelRay has a section where you can book her for live performances. I think it’d be wise to go over this section now in closer detail, so let’s look at what she offers. First up, you’ll notice that you get redirected to Live Cam Model Shows – a website that exists precisely for the purpose of helping camgirls connect to their clients. Her profile on LCMS shows that the live experiences here are a little on the pricey side: $40 for a 10-minute stream shows that Morgana here means business and she’s not going to question her value to clients. That said, you do get a little discount with longer viewing periods, so an hour with Morgana will only set you back $130.

Fetishes that are available to be explored with Morgana DelRay include standard erotic domination, girlfriend experiences (but only for those that have earned it), foot worship, financial domination and giantess shows to name but a few. You can also order custom clips if that’s your preferred way of getting content from adult performers – the minimum order is $45 and you can put your order in by clicking here. Small point but I noticed you can even select a format (MP4, WMV or AVI) which I thought was quite cool! Talk about going that extra step for your clients.

In terms of limits, Morgana DelRay doesn’t do submissive shows, anything involving anal sex, extreme fetishes or something that would be illegal. It’s also important to point out that Morgana DelRay doesn’t accept PayPal, likely because of their historic lack of support and interest in the adult industry. Payments on Live Cam Model Shows are made by a third-party processor which supports MasterCard and Visa. All above board, all genuine – you’re getting the real deal here if you want live cam shows with Morgana DelRay.

Your sub application for Morgana DelRay

Want to become a complete sub to Morgana DelRay? Then visit this page on her official website where you can hand in your application. You’ll need to pay an initial tribute of $25 to even be considered, although you might have more success if you decide to add more on after. You’ll have to complete the entire application which includes listing your interests, country of residence, personal characteristics and length of submission desired. Morgana DelRay only accepts the best applications, so make sure that you include everything and keep it all above board. Don’t be disappointed if you’re not accepted – it’s only natural that a sub like you wouldn’t be good enough for a goddess like Morgana!

My final thoughts on Morgana DelRay

I think I’ve covered pretty much everything that I need to here. Overall, I think I’ve given Morgana DelRay the best review I can and covered all bases. I enjoyed my time looking over her website, Twitter profile and offered services. I’ve noticed a big trend lately toward dominatrix cam streams, so the fact that Morgana does pretty much everything in the BDSM world is going to please a lot of people. As always, thanks for reading my reviews – now head on over to Morgana’s website so you can book a live show! You know you want to part with some cash to make this dominatrix happy.

Review Pros
  • Amazing dominatrix
  • Foot fetish friendly
  • Sub applications available
Review Cons
  • Above-average fee
  • No vanilla content