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I once dated an Asian girl who was really quite attractive, but want to know my dirty little secret? If I had the choice between fucking her and her mother … I would have gone with the second option. She was cute, don’t get me wrong – but her mum went to the gym every day, always wore sexy tight dresses and seemed to love teasing me all the damn time whenever we were alone. Anyway, I’ll stop dreaming now and explain to you what that story is all about: I came across a place called Local Asian Affairs today and from what I can tell, it’s perfect for hunting down MILFs from Asia.

One thing I do want to point out is that immediately after logging in for the first time here, you’ll be asked if you want a free lifetime membership upgrade: you can skin this by clicking ‘no thanks’ in the top right-hand corner if you’re not interested in doing that just yet. It is free though: they seem to use the card here to verify your age so that you can unlock additional features and stuff. Local Asian Affairs is good like that: they want to make sure the men going after these MILFs are purely legal!

The design inside is quite good, plus you’ve got mature goddesses from Canada, England, France and plenty of Eastern countries too, such as Singapore, China and Japan. Suffice to say that if you like Oriental MILFs with great bodies and sexy figures, this dating platform is perfect for you.

Review Pros

  • Lots of profiles
  • Easy to use
  • Free to try

Review Cons

  • Some adverts
  • No live support