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What in the fuck is LewdGamer?

LewdGamer is a great game site that tells you about all the news of upcoming games. This game site has a bunch of previews for upcoming sex games and a shit load more! If a game ain’t featured on LewdGamer, they are either being lazy cunts or the game ain’t good enough! However, is LewdGamer good enough to review games? Is this game site worth your time at all? Let’s review this cunt and find out, shall we?

The design of LewdGamer

The design of LewdGamer is nothing short of excellent. This game review site really feels polished! I don’t spend too much time on other porn review sites of any kind as it is a busman’s holiday for me, but I am impressed with the quality of LewdGamer. The whole site feels awesome, it is really responsive and the design suits the content perfectly. The design of LewdGamer reminds of a typical gaming review site. That isn’t a dig at LewdGamer, at all, in fact, it is a compliment! LewdGamer should feel like a normal games review site because it is, it just focuses its reviews, news and tattoos on the dirtiest games in all the land!

The contents of LewdGamer

I am loving the contents of LewdGamer. There is a lot of info about new games on this site. All of the articles are really well written (far better than the shit we put on here), and they actually get you excited about the games! This game site is really invested in games and you can tell. Their passion for games really shines through every article, making it perfect for their readers to get excited about the latest games coming out! I honestly cannot speak highly enough of LewdGamer and its content, it is just fucking awesome!

The Geek’s final thoughts on LewdGamer

If you are a passionate gamer and want all the latest information about upcoming games, you have to check out LewdGamer. If you haven’t already, then I dunno where the fuck you’re getting your information from but it is the wrong place! LewdGamer just feels amazing to be on! It is a really nicely designed game site that puts the news right in front of you!

LewdGamer also has reviews of games, some quality preview info about some games that are yet to be released and a fuck load more! The only thing that LewdGamer doesn’t have is, in fact, games! This is a bit of a shame. I was hopeful that LewdGamer may have a few sexy games to play on this site, but I guess this site ain’t about playing games. LewdGamer is all about the news and reviews of porn games. From one porn reviewer to another, you’re fucking killing it boys, nice job!

Review Pros
  • Fantastic design
  • Loads of info
  • Game previews
Review Cons
  • No playable games