iSpy Live Blog Review

iSpy Live Blog

iSpy Live's blog is basically a collection of different blog posts on a number of adult related topics. For instance, on the homepage right now, you'll see a link to a study about how sexy women are smarter, publicity for a new female-owned lingerie company and a nice look at a photographer's work who takes pictures of empty porn sets. iSpy Live's biggest draw card is the fact that they talk about anything and everything, with the writer having a range of topics they deem worthy of discussion and really holding back on nothing in particular.

As far as downsides are concerned, iSpy Live's blog has a pretty big issue with categories: there are none! The blog just posts out all of the content in one big rush and doesn't really allow you to filter stuff, save for the few tags attached to each and every article published. The site has created around 200 posts to date, most of which were in 2016, although in recent months the rate has decreased a little. Let's hope that more porn-focused blog posts can come out of iSpy Live in the near future - what they did publish was pretty damn good.

Review Pros

  • Lots of posts
  • Range of topics

Review Cons

  • No categories
  • Slow updates