I’m Not Obsessed Review

I’m Not Obsessed

You're totally not obsessed, are you? Well for a long time, neither was this site, but it just so happens that at the start of 2016, I'm Not Obsessed was turned off after it had suffered heavily from all the years of rival sites covering celebrity news and taking away its viewers. Still, I'm not going to dwell on it or tell you the full story: you can visit the site for that. All I'm going to do is point out that it is still a very good source if you want to go through and find some great pictures of famous chicks doing what they do best.

Press the 'search' button, wait for the drop down and type in 'bikini'. After your search is complete, you will be rewarded with dozens of photoshoots featuring some of the hottest babes around. We're talking Bethenny Frankel, Britney Spears and Sarah Stage all showing themselves to be gorgeous babes worthy of attention. It's a shame I'm Not Obsessed no longer updates, but for the archive, I am very thankful: enjoy looking at these gorgeous babes once more thanks to the archived bikini pictures on ImNotObsessed.com.

Review Pros

  • Great bikini archives
  • Nice site design

Review Cons

  • No longer updates