Hot Candy Land Review

Hot Candy Land

People love MMOs and people love porn: what happens when you combine the two together? You get Hot Candy Land of course! They call themselves the “craziest and hottest free to play MMO ever”, and after spending about an hour here checking it out, I have to say that I agree. To register and check this place out, you’ll have to provide a username, password and – that’s it! No email address is required, which I think is a top option seeing as some people just want to see what’s here without risking getting a bunch of spam mail.

Hot Candy Land’s design is a little dated, but that’s not exactly the worst thing in the world. I liked the 2D style that they adopt and playing through the game was quite easy. I don’t want to spoil what’s actually going on or how it all functions – I think that video games are something people should experience first-hand to get an idea of what’s going on. Anyway, that’s all I can say for now: if you want to try a sexy MMO game then certainly consider paying a visit to Hot Candy Land today. I love this place!

Review Pros

  • No email required
  • Easy to join
  • Play instantly

Review Cons

  • Limited graphics
  • Some pay elements