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What is this site all about?

Well upon loading I see right at the top a banner ad for a download file sharing site. Below that are some videos of full movie scenes with a button that says Download Free under each video thumbnail. You can’t actually play these videos on this website you need to download them first. Scrolling to the bottom I see that there are 20 videos per page and over 65,000 pages at the time of this review. That is a fuck ton of porn! On the top right of the site you can select your language and also there is an Advanced Search with a search box. Doing a search for gang bangs it quickly returned 50 results for gang bang videos available for download. The search results were very quick.  The design of the site is very nice and clean and organised. All of the menus and categories are in the same place and the search box is on the top right. When you do searches the amount of videos that are available in that search can be figured out by looking at how many pages there are in the results.

Other Features of the Site

On the left side of the site there is a button for sign in and create account. So far I have not seen a reason to register but we’ll see what happens as I go along. Under that we have Categories: Blu-Ray, DVD and Hd Rips – Japan XXX Movies, Amateur Porn, Full-Length Movies, Teens, Lesbians, then the next section is called Softcore, Solo, Masturbation and Erotic.  So clicking on the first category brings up quick results and at the bottom of the page I see 14,224 pages of DVDs. The next one is Japan movies and it brought up 223 pages of them. Amateur porn brings up 586 pages of videos.

Full length movies brings up 1,864 pages. Its pretty much also DVD rips. Clicking on teens brings up 5,905 pages of videos to download. Lesbians brings up 464 pages of videos. And the last section only brings up 231 videos so it looks like they mostly concentrate on the full DVD rips and hardcore and not so much solo and lesbian but that is still a lot of videos. So yeah thats about all there is to the site, its a porn sharing site where you pretty much need to join Keep 2 Share to be able to access the videos.

Best Parts of HiDefPorn

Well its fair to say that there is a massive amount of videos available for download on this site. So many to choose from in pretty much every niche you can think of. The way they broke down the categories is pretty basic there are many more that you can get to by using the search box to narrow it down. I could not download any videos because you must join the sharing site as a member to be able to do so because the files are large. Since the site has been around a while and has so many videos, it is pretty clear that it is popular and the videos since they are downloaded should be perfectly clear.

I definitely like how the search works, its very quick and brings back the results that I was looking for. There are many of the newest releases and porn scenes featuring some of the current top porn actresses here. Going to the last page of the full movie downloads I can see that this site has been adding videos since 2016 so its been around for three years. If there is a certain site that you like you can put that site in the search box and it will bring up all videos that they have from it. Clicking on Advanced Search brings up a page with advanced search features such as keywords, time periods, searching by specific websites and more.

Things I did not like of HiDefPorn

I do not like that you need to join the file locker as a premium member to be able to download any videos at all but its to be expected on a huge download site like this. And for about the cost of one DVD you can get all of the porn on this site, so if you look at it that way its actually a great deal at $16.95 per month or premium pro for $21.95 per month.

The Bottom Line about HiDefPorn

With thousands of videos to search for and download you will surely be able to find a whole bunch of stuff that you like at this website. I have not been able to determine how often the site updates with new videos but I would think that its most likely daily since there is such a huge amount of stuff available. Under each video on the bottom right it does show when the video was added. The ones on the first page were added a day ago so the site is definitely still active and updating at the time of this review. If you are a big time collector of porn or even just want to collect all videos of your favorite porn actress or actor this site would be without a doubt one of your bookmarked destinations for doing so.

A Little More about HiDefPorn

The site is really well put together with nice big photos of the videos that are available to download and the info that they provide is good showing the Actress, name of the scene or DVD, what site its from, when it was released, what genre and the running time. It also shows what format the video is in such as .mp4 and what the size of the file is along with some screen caps of the video. What it looks like as far as registration is that if you create an account you can use the favorite button to add videos to your favorites. That would be a good way to save the videos that you want to download for later.

Review Pros
  • Thousands of Videos
  • Free Downloads
  • Great Search Features
Review Cons
  • Must Join To Download