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Hentai Plus: the Mr. Porn Geek audit

In the same way that Ron Paul wants to audit the Fed, Mr. Porn Geek wants to audit all of the porn sites out there on the Internet to find out which ones are doing well and which ones are failing to meet expectations. For consideration on this glorious afternoon, I’m taking a look at Hentai Plus – a recommended website that one of my readers actually tipped me off toward. If you’re the type of addict who enjoys nothing but the best in anime porn then stick around because this place is going to have you busting nuts in no time at all. Anyway – let’s get to it: I can’t wait to take a look around and give this place the full Mr. Porn Geek treatment.

My initial Hentai Plus reaction

So the first thing I did was venture over to the homepage of Hentai Plus to see what you’re getting as soon as you land on the website itself. One thing I want to mention before content: your connection to this website is not encrypted, which means that third parties can intercept your traffic and potentially edit what you see. It’s not a major issue, but Mr. Porn Geek is all about HTTPS these days, so when I see a website that doesn’t allow secured connections – I get a little worried! Anyway, let’s take a look at the homepage now to see what’s going on and whether or not this place delivers a good hentai experience.

At the top of the page you’ve got a few useful links to areas on the website, as well as a search bar if you want to look for something in particular. Below that, a content area for the most popular weekly episodes is displayed, which currently features uploads from hentai series such as Kimi Omou Koi and Space Pirate Sara. Further down on the homepage, you’ll find a list of the latest uploads to the platform, which seem to roll in via chunks every few weeks. Finally, you’ve got a list of the latest series added to the platform if you want to see what’s new in the world of hentai.

The popular series section at Hentai Plus

You’ll see a header link entitled ‘popular series’ at Hentai Plus and if you only want to see the best of the best, I recommend clicking this for a look at all of the highest rated and most well regarded series on the website. Among the most popular, I personally recognized the likes of A Forbidden Time, Hell Knight Ingrid and Taboo Charming Mother. I think that pretty much every website on the Internet should have a section devoted to the most visited pages, so yeah – props to Hentai Plus for having this space available where anyone can go for information on what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to the best in anime porn. Now then, let’s take a look at the video watching experience, shall we?

Watching videos via Hentai Plus

So I decided to check out episode 6 of Taboo Charming Mother and was pleased to see that it’s subtitled for those who don’t speak Japanese. The video is an embed supported via JW Player (HTML5) and the subtitles are hard coded. If you want to download the video, you can do so via clicking the ‘rapid’ mirror link which will give you a right-clickable standard MP4 embed. The server is actually quite slow, but since a lot of these hentai series are hard to get ahold of, it’s not like you can complain all that much. Below each embed there’s a description area and some clickable genres, as well as a comments box if you want to share your thoughts with the world. Pretty average experience – but that’s not a bad thing as far as I’m concerned.

Final thoughts on Hentai Plus from Mr. Porn Geek

Okay, I’ve said pretty much all I want to say on HentaiPlus.co, so I’ll just go ahead now and suggest that you check it out if you want to have some fun XXX hentai experience from a website dedicated to anime flicks with an X-rated twist. Is this the greatest place to find hentai entertainment? Probably not, but since it’s so focused on its niche of choice, I can’t look past it as a place to recommend. As such, I have little choice but to say: venture forth and enjoy the free hentai series on offer!

Review Pros
  • Lots of hentai
  • Free to use
  • Downloads available
Review Cons
  • Some low quality scenes
  • Hard coded subtitles