Heavy R Review

Heavy R

Ever have those days where you're like "yo, fuck feminism man!", I feel you, which is why today's review is on Heavy R. This site is all about porn videos that showcase the weird and the wild of adult entertainment: we're talking submissive sluts eating cock, cumming deep inside tight teen asses and of course, lesbians fisting each other's tight pussies. While Heavy-R.com does have a mixture of material, I'd say a good number of it is fetish-based with a keen focus on submissive women. I don't know about you, but that's my favourite kind of woman!

The homepage has a list of the most recently favourite scenes by users of the site. You can browse the content via categories if you like, although scrolling down the homepage does show some pretty good scenes. The archive of fetish porn here at Heavy R currently sits at 100,000 videos but with more being added on a daily basis, that number is going to increase very quickly indeed. Just take care while going through the site, some of these videos are pretty fucking crazy! Especially the ball busting ones, hot damn that cannot be healthy.

Review Pros

  • Over 100'000 videos
  • Regular updates
  • Categories

Review Cons

  • Some adverts
  • Limited HD scenes