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Goddess Lesley: Mr. Porn Geek’s opinion

I’ve noticed a large number of camgirls out there at the moment claim to offer some type of domination service but don’t seem to really have their hearts in it. In this review, I’m going to be looking at a mistress by the name of Lesley who really seems to know what’s what when it comes to erotic humiliation, teaching subs how to behave and generally being a badass bitch hell-bent on conquering every man in existence. If you’re not the type of dude who’s down to be used and abused, look away now – Goddess Lesley is not the webcam performer for you. With that said, let’s get down to business and look at what this dominatrix is all about.

The Twitter probe of Goddess Lesley

I typically find the best place to start when reviewing adult performers who do live cam shows is their Twitter profile. @OneLesleyone signed up in November of 2017 and while she doesn’t have as many followers as other girls I’ve reviewed here, she seems to focus more on quality Tweets and producing great content instead of just working toward raw follower stats. This is evidenced by the fact that she has almost twice the number of followers than she has Tweets – that’s pretty uncommon and an absolutely fantastic ratio that lets you know she’s great at what she does.

Now what are the posts like on Goddess Lesley’s profile? Alongside sharing general porn that she enjoys, like huge cocks fucking nurses and Mia Khalifa getting railed, she’s also keen on showing you her own take on adult entertainment. For instance, regular submissions here are of Goddess Lesley wearing her full dominatrix uniform and teasing the camera seductively – she’s got a big thing for boots, that’s for sure. You’ll also find samples of this goddess in action, which I think is quite a unique feature that people are going to love. What do I mean by that? Well, Goddess Lesley also does in-person action, such as this clip of her pissing all over a slave while he jerks off his pathetic, beta cock. She even finishes off by spitting in his face – quite the lover of bodily fluids. I also found clips from live shows that featured old men sucking on their own cocks and guys putting things in their ass when told to. As far as material goes in this niche, I think Goddess Lesley has one of the best Twitter profiles I’ve seen.

A visit to Goddess Lesley’s website

Okay, so now that we’ve got the Twitter stuff done, let’s go and take a look at Goddess Lesley’s official website. You’ve got so many different areas to check out here, all of which are great for getting your hands on the content that you desire. For a start you can sign up to Lesley’s site for live chat access and more – this’ll cost you 50 bucks for 60 days, which is less than a dollar a day: a real decent rate if you ask me. Hell, the only people who could complain about paying less than $1 a day for access to Goddess Lesley’s website are guys who’re into financial domination!

The most valuable thing coming from a membership here to GoddessLesley.com is that you get to enjoy all of the videos that she has in her archive. You can navigate over to the video section now to see what’s on offer: it’s terrific stuff. We’re talking ass worship, foot fetish entertainment and solo masturbation. Goddess Lesley seems to sometimes come out of her dominatrix shell and does some more vanilla stuff, so you get the best of both worlds. It seems like the archive here is a bit of a work in progress so I wouldn’t imagine that it’s going to be long before she has a huge quantity of content for you to enjoy if you’re a member.

Elsewhere on the website, you’ll find a store where you can purchase premium Snapchat access for 1 month. This is a pretty hefty cost, but I bit the bullet and signed up last week: she posts all the damn time and while it’s one of the most expensive premium Snapchat accounts I’ve found, lovers of goddesses will love it. Information on live shows is also offered – Goddess Lesley does everything for coercive bisexual roleplay through to cuckolding, verbal humiliation and sissification. Basically, whatever it is that you’re looking for when it comes to kinky sex, Lesley can likely provide.

Actually getting cam shows with Goddess Lesley

Okay, so you like what you see – this gorgeous, young and confident goddess has got you rock hard: how do you go about enjoying a session of domination with her? The first step is going to be heading on over to her Cam Model Directory page where you’ll find lots of information on what she offers, what toys are available to be included in a show and some other information. What I liked most about this particular page is that Goddess Lesley has some reviews that have been left for her – they’re all an absolute blast. From “she kept me under her feet for 2 hours” to “the best Mistress I ever have met” – seems like Goddess Lesley is serious about her job as a dominatrix.

Paying for shows is done via a website called Unblur Media. Your basic show that lasts for 10 minutes is $25 with optional extra experiences raising the cost of business. Complete, one-hour sessions clock in at $120, whereas vanilla/GFE streams are only $45 for 20 minutes. These prices are insanely competitive and given how goddamn sexy Goddess Lesley is, I think they’re terrific value for money.

Final thoughts on Goddess Lesley’s cam shows

Whether it’s the high quality dominatrix entertainment you want with a world-class goddess or a hot vanilla experience with a gorgeous girlfriend, this is one performer you’ve absolutely got to check out. I’m amazed at the relatively low number of followers that Goddess Lesley has – she’s easily one of the hottest performers I’ve reviewed here on Mr. Porn Geek. From her amazing laugh through to her incredible body, don’t sleep on this mistress – she’s perfect.

Review Pros
  • Gorgeous model
  • Multiple experiences offered
  • Active on Twitter
Review Cons
  • Small video archive
  • Average website design