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Mr. Porn Geek reviews Free HD X

How’s it going gang? You know what time it is – another fresh review of an adult tube is headed your way and it’s going to be written up by the king of smut, Mr. Porn Geek! I’ve been looking all over the internet today for some HD destinations that I haven’t already covered and well, Free HD X came into my crosshairs. Turns out that this place is almost exclusively focused on Indian sex videos and Pakistani porn: for those who like Western Asian material, this is going to be perfect for you! Now, let’s continue on with a complete review that you can read down below on Free HD X and what it has to offer visitors.

A quick note on Free HD X

I do just want to let you know quickly that Free HD X has multiple imposters that have similar domain names: the site that we’re looking at in this review has the URL of – all of the others are fakes that you need not pay attention to. Okay, now back to your scheduled review of this website!

The homepage here at Free HD X features a few different content areas – the first of which is devoted to 4 videos that are currently being watched on the website. Just below that, you’ve got what I’d consider to be the main chunk of smut that you want to pay attention to: the latest videos added to the archive. The preview panes here are incredibly minimal, with just a preview thumbnail, title and video length – one of the simpler site when it comes to content display, that’s for sure. If you scroll all the way down to the very bottom of, you’ll see that there’s pagination to take you deep into the archive of Indian porn they have. Since each page has 32 videos and there are 574 pages, that means that Free HD X is sitting on a trove of over 18,000 uploads: not bad if you ask me.

More exploration of Free HD X

Along the right-hand side of the page, Free HD X has a collection of all the categories that you can check out, although these seem pretty strange in terms of what they’re allegedly showing. I don’t know what Hot Short Films, Desi HD X and Desi Amateur X actually mean – it’s all vague phrases that don’t actually help us filter or explore content in any meaningful way. Below that, there is a tag section where you’ll find what I’d consider to be standard categories, such as blowjob, young and ass. Compared to Western tube, there’s very little here by way of quality navigation or sorting – I think that is probably lacking a little when it comes to giving the user a good experience independent of the content. This has always been a big concern of mine when reviewing websites, but I suppose since it mainly features Indian porn, I can’t complain too much – this is just what we expect these days, right?

Free HD X: trying some porn

Okay, so I figured the next step here would be to try out some porn, so the homepage looked basically like the way to do this. I clicked on a random assortment of 10 clips and spent around 20 minutes flicking through them to get a general vibe of what’s going on. Mr. Porn Geek isn’t an expert when it comes to Desi XXX videos, but I suppose I’m not too terrible when it comes to this type of thing either, Let me break down some of the clips I came across and whether or not I thought they were good.

The first video that tempted me into clicking it was one entitled Sexy Indian Teen Bathroom Clips Merge – I’m not convinced that this is the best name for an adult video, but I’ll let it slide just this once. What got me clicking this scene was the fact that the preview thumbnail looked so damn good: Mr. Porn Geek loves a good tease and the girl in it was one of the hottest amateur Indian babes I’ve ever seen. I tried to load this video on my default setup with uBlock Origin but no dice: I believe the problem I had was the fact that the clips were being loaded from a HTTP source, which is just a bad idea. I have HTTPS Everywhere enabled so yeah – that must’ve got caught on the crosshairs. It’s a shame that most tube sites out there these days just don’t give a damn about security: this stuff is important, folks.

I eventually did manage to watch the video on Opera and it was pretty damn hot. The girl was – as the thumbnail suggested – absolutely gorgeous. Great curvy body with natural tits that are to die for. Teen girls are the best, aren’t they? Certainly looks like those ones from India can bring something to the table too! Anyhow, I went ahead and tried out the other clips and I noticed one consistent thing: all of the material was amateur in nature. I suppose this is a foregone conclusion when it comes to adult material from India, simply because they don’t have a Desi porn industry just yet (too bad). Thankfully, places like Free HD X are around until they catch up with the rest of us in the professional sense.

Final thoughts on Free HD X

If I was going to compare this website to a standard tube site, I don’t think that I could recommend you take a look. Thing is, all of the content here is focused on Indian pornography and it has some great amateur flicks that I think you’ll love. It’s always important for me to contextualize my reviews and compare apples to apples, so that’s why I’m giving the all clear. I enjoyed my time here and while I’m not an expert on amateur Indian sex videos, this site gave me the right impression. As always folks – thanks for reading and be sure to check back in future any time you need new recommendations for Indian porn tubes.

Review Pros

  • Lots of content
  • Regular updates
  • Fast loading speeds

Review Cons

  • Lots of popups
  • Lacks categories
  • HTTP embeds