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This femdom based site promises to allow us to download free video. That is the tagline under the logo. So when you first load up the site, at the top you are presented immediately with categories. There are 27 categories to choose from there at the top along with the home button and search box. Before clicking on those to check them out I figured I would try a search. I typed in gangbangs and was surprised to get a few that came back on this femdom site. But yeah they were not your typical gangbang, they were videos of guys getting fucked with strapons.

A much different kind of thing than you normally see. But on this site, yes that is to be expected for sure. There are already some videos loaded onto the first page just under the tags. These have a heading of Popular news. I believe what they mean is that these are the most popular videos on the site at the current time. They are a mix of a bunch of different subniches so that makes sense. Clicking on one of the tags that has very small text just to see if that means that there are not many videos, I chose Tied Handjobs. And to my surprise there were actually a ton! In fact 128 pages in all of just this one tag. So the tag feature seems very useful to really get to what you want very easy and quickly.

Some really cool categories

So, there is no menu on the site just the categories then a ton of tags under those. So checking out some of that categories I thought I would start with the category called foot worship. An entire page loads up with all foot fetish femdom style videos and loaded quickly. Looking at the bottom of the page there are 70 more pages of videos just in this category. Quite a large collection.

Next I tried Dirty Talk, Jerkoff. This is the jerk off instuction category of the site. Again it loaded up very quickly with a page of videos to watch. There are 1,136 pages in this category alone. So this looks to be a very large site. Clicking on one of the videos to play it and it plays for a short time then does not let me go any further without buying premium pro, this costs $21.95 per month. So the video is not free to watch. There is also an option to download the video, there is a button that says get download url. So I click that and it says download keep2share. So again its not free to download, it takes me to the same page to join.

The best parts of Femdomcc

If you are a lover of femdom this is definitely a good site for you with so many categories to choose from and a ton of videos in each one of those, its a very good bet that you will find a lot that you like here. So that is definitely a big plus. The videos on the pages are really just samples until you join but they are pretty good quality so given that the quality is better for members its safe to say that you will like the quality of the videos once you join. The layout is very simple with no menus but a ton of categories to choose from right on top and hundreds of tags to even narrow your search down more under that. The search feature works well and brings back the results that I expected. Affordable membership for a month worth of viewing and downloading of full length videos is good.

Not so great parts of Femdomcc

Well the site is a great concept the way it is set up with so many great niche categories within the femdom realm. There are no popups or banner ads but you can only play a little bit of each video before it says that you need to go premium to see it all. So its basically a tour for a members site. With no full videos to see out the outside of the site its just a little bit dissapointing but that is their business model. If you don’t like the paysite model, meaning that you need to pay a price per month to get access to videos then its a bad thing, if that is no big deal to you or if its what you prefer you are all good on this website.

What I think about Femdomcc

Very nice femdom site with so many sub niches in this realm of porn that are really hard to find. They gather up all of these wild niches into categories and if you do not see the category listed that you want there are hundreds of tags that are there for you to really narrow down your search to exactly what you want to find. The thumbnail photos of the videos are very nice quality, clean and clear and a good representation of what is in the videos. You need to join the site in order to watch the full videos, watch them in higher quality and also if you want to download them. The price is quite reasonable at $21.95 per month and even less if you buy 90 access.

Final Thoughts about Femdomcc

A massive collection of femdom videos in just about every conceivable sub niche that you can think of and the ability to watch the video is really high quality and download them makes this a good deal for lovers of femdom or even some of the smaller sub niches inside that niche. Some of the categories on this site are extremely tough to find and you need to really look around a lot to find them so to have them all here gathered up on one site is a good thing indeed. So if you are curious about some of the things presented here I would suggest that you give it a try for a month and see how you like it.

Review Pros

  • Tons of Videos
  • Can Download Videos
  • Hard To Find Niches

Review Cons

  • Must Join to watch or download